Recapping Highlights from the 2021 Dreamforce NYC Conference

Gunel Humbatova

Dreamforce NYC Hey there! I’m Gunel, the Platform Developer here at 7Summits, an IBM Company. This year was one of the best years of my career: from getting  my dream job, to improving my Salesforce skills and getting four new Certifications, and having the honor of being invited to trailblaze in person at Dreamforce NYC. You might not believe it, but attending that conference was part of my new year’s resolution for 2021!

There were around 2000 Trailblazers at Dreamforce NYC, which to be honest was the first time I saw this many people since the pandemic. But Salesforce’s precautions had me feeling very safe and comfortable being around so many people! In order to participate at Dreamforce, we uploaded our proof of vaccination and test results, which Marc Benioff shared information about at the beginning of the main show. And as he pointed out, these exciting capabilities will help other organizations as they reopen as well: employees and customers will be able to share their health status and vaccine credentials with organizations through QR codes in digital wallets with a single tap, and their health status will be securely recorded and shared with Dreampass. 

In addition to seeing first-hand how businesses will use these types of health features, there were other key takeaways from the main show:

1. “How the Future Works” with Marc Benioff, Bret Taylor and other special guests showed us how Customer 360, powered by Salesforce Trailblazers, helps businesses everywhere succeed and delight all of their different users. 

2. Lars Ulrich, a member of Metallica, shared his experiences using Salesforce to interact with the band’s fans closely. This was one of the most memorable moments of the night!

There were many other sessions with discussions and presentations on various topics throughout the event too. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to attend all of them, I went to as many as I could, met Salesforce professionals, took pictures, had fun, danced to the Black Eyed Peas’ great performance and most importantly had a chance to learn about new features coming to the Salesforce platform. (And of course, I got a memorable gift from Salesforce- one of the fun characters, Ruth the Elephant!)

Meeting Salesforce Professionals who are changing the world for the better was very inspiring. I felt so proud that I am a little part of this amazing ecosystem, and I will remember my first Dreamforce fondly. It was also great to meet some of my colleagues in person for the first time, and has me hopeful that we will get together again soon and more often in the future. 

Dreamforce gave me a chance to interact with many trailblazers in a way that I haven’t been able to do in previous years. Dreamforce NYC was a successful event in many ways, and I look forward to Dreamforce 2022.

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