Building Innovative Customer Experiences with Salesforce Digital 360

The ability to work digitally became more important than ever in 2020, as companies that went suddenly virtual were forced to adapt to widespread market changes. Those that found the most success already had strong digital environments or quickly took action to implement new capabilities. Enabling virtual interactions with customers has been affirmed as a modern business imperative.

Salesforce recently announced Digital 360 to help bridge these gaps for businesses. An extension of the Customer 360 platform, Digital 360 helps “digital leaders transform their customer engagement and accelerate growth in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.” It comes as a direct response to the global challenges impacting business this year, enabling companies to fully leverage Salesforce’s digital experience capabilities.

What is Digital 360?

Digital 360 combines new innovations from three of Salesforce’s core clouds: Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and, of course, Experience Cloud. In their official release, Salesforce dubs this offering as delivering “new technology, services and learning that help digital leaders create connected, personalized experiences across marketing, commerce and more.” 

At 7Summits, this excites us for so many reasons. After all, the focus on these connected experiences is right in our mission: To create online community experiences that transform businesses and enhance people’s lives. Here’s three things to keep in mind about why Digital 360 is imperative for modern businesses.

Focus on Creating Positive Experiences

Customer 360 already leveraged many of Salesforce’s core clouds, including Sales, Service, and more. But when implementing solutions for your customers, the most important thing is to deliver an experience that keeps them coming back. Digital 360 prioritizes those Experiences, using Experience Cloud as the system of engagement.

Digital 360 combines intelligent engagement built with Experience Cloud with the power of Commerce and Marketing Cloud to deliver personalized, connected journeys for your customers. You can seamlessly connect customers everywhere, from your social media and digital storefronts to the self-service support unlocked in your online environments. You’ll benefit from capabilities like streamlining the transaction process, enabling easy-to-use commerce on the web, mobile or in-store. New features like Commerce Cloud payments help businesses embed payments in their sites with clicks, not code. And since it’s all on the Salesforce platform, all of the data gathered is centralized for easy reference, empowering you to build loyalty and foster advocacy with hyper-relevant, personalized experiences.

Removes Friction and Activates Advocates

Removing silos and creating more connected experiences, from initial awareness to purchasing to long-term advocacy, will simultaneously increase your value per customer and decrease your cost per customer. Digital 360 keeps your customer solutions working seamlessly across devices and channels, delivering the personalized experiences that delight customers.

Get the ROI (and ROX) Your Business Desires

It’s important to implement solutions that delight customers, but it’s equally important that your business is getting returns that generate value. With Digital 360, you’ll get more return on your investment, as well as more return on your experience (ROX) as a whole. Digital experiences that support collaboration and leverage automation drive real business value. When all of your customers’ interactions are interlinked and the data comes back to a unified experience, that value is further magnified; that’s exactly what Salesforce’s Digital 360 enables.

In Closing

7Summits are the experience experts. We’ve spent a decade advocating for the adoption of the Connected Experiences that the Digital 360 offering prioritizes. We are proud to be recognized by Salesforce as a partner who led the acceleration to this expanded view of what digital experiences can (and should!) look like for your customers. With Experience as a focal point, the new Digital 360 offering leverages all of Salesforce’s power to multiply the impacts for your business and your most important users. Let us help you get started today.

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