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Is Digital 360 Worth the Hype?

Digital 360 Blog ImageThe short answer is “absolutely.”

Digital 360 has recently become the new industry standard for communicating with customers on the level they have come to expect. It allows businesses to connect with their audiences on the platforms they prefer, and the way they want. When companies can understand each individual consumer by tracking their preferences and interactions, they are able to better suit everyone’s specific needs and desires.

7Summits is a Milwaukee-based digital solutions consultancy that combines the Salesforce platform with the power of connected experiences to unlock business value. Backed by the power of IBM, 7Summits is a leading Salesforce Consulting Partner whose mission is to create intelligent digital experiences that transform businesses and enhance people’s lives.

Nick Ulfers, Senior Vice President of 7Summits, has seen how Digital 360 has helped the company’s clients succeed by harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform. Commenting on the importance of Digital 360, Ulfers noted that it has become a crucial tool in amplifying the connected, intelligent and personalized experiences their clients need to unlock business value from their digital solutions.

“We excel at leveraging the full breadth of the Salesforce platform to implement these solutions, delivering multi-Cloud solutions that unlock value and support numerous use cases.” he said of the company’s capabilities.

“The Digital 360 offering allows us to even more seamlessly integrate Commerce, Experience, and Marketing Clouds, which maximizes the investment our clients have made in the Salesforce platform.”

7Summits became a Salesforce partner in 2013. As experts at experience-centered, multi-cloud solutions, they are advocates for the adoption of the Connected Experiences that Digital 360 prioritizes. 7Summits stands apart from other Salesforce Implementers because of its focus on human-centered solutions using Experience Cloud as the system of engagement. 7Summits’ solutions leverage all of the power of Salesforce to multiply the impacts for their clients and their clients’ partners, employees, and customers – the most important users who are engaging digitally.

The majority of 7Summits’ clients are mid-to-enterprise level companies in the high tech, manufacturing, FINS, higher education or healthcare industries.

“Companies that already have a Salesforce presence and are seeking to maximize their investment with an experience make up the majority of our clientele, but we also have a dedicated practice for migrating companies from other community platforms to Experience Cloud,” Ulfers said of the company’s ideal client base. “We are the best at using automation and collaboration to achieve business outcomes, and Salesforce is the platform that allows us to do that most efficiently.”

Digital transactions have skyrocketed over the past year, and the companies that adapted accordingly ended up excelling tremendously. You’ve probably noticed some of these changes, such as retail stores offering curbside pickup, trade shows going entirely virtual, or even being able to refinance your mortgage entirely online. These seemingly subtle changes have made an enormous impact.

In a business world where the Covid-19 pandemic forced a new normal in how business and customer service is conducted, Ulfers has seen first-hand how Digital 360 has helped the 7Summits customer base transform their engagement and accelerate growth in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.

“As we saw in 2020, having the adaptability to work virtually helps to minimize the negative effects of unforeseen developments,” he said of this new way of working. “We know that the most successful modern businesses are flexible and forward-looking, meaning they embrace the exciting innovations that Digital 360 provides.”

Since Digital 360 keeps companies competitive, accessible and desirable, it means you can begin to market, sell and engage your audience anytime, anywhere. Digital 360 combines intelligent engagement built with Experience Cloud with the power of Commerce and Marketing Cloud to deliver personalized, connected journeys for customers, which leads to happier customers and improved customer loyalty and retention.

Ulfers notes that better customer loyalty is one of the many benefits that Digital 360 has brought to their customer base. “Customers want seamless experiences. They want every interaction with a company to be as easy and connected as possible, and Digital 360 helps organizations do just that,” he said. “When they integrate Experience, Commerce and Marketing Cloud in a unified solution, these companies ensure that their users’ needs are anticipated and met. And when customers are delighted by seamless buying journeys, they’re more likely to come back and even serve as brand advocates.”

He also noted that Digital 360 has made businesses more accessible by creating more connected experiences throughout a customer’s journey – from initial awareness to purchasing to long-term advocacy.

“When your company gives users these more unified journeys, your entire brand becomes more accessible. Rather than waste time looking for resources, training or answers to questions, they can find them easily on their own,” he said.

Further expanding on the win-win scenarios that result, Ulfers noted, “And on top of that, businesses get insights into their customers’ behaviors that enable companies to continue to iterate on their solutions to become even more user-friendly.”

He also attributes enhanced customer loyalty to the data-driven nature of Digital 360. “Because it’s all on the Salesforce platform, all of the data gathered is centralized for easy reference, empowering customers to build loyalty and foster advocacy with hyper-relevant experiences. This means that data collected using customers’ systems of record is able to be surfaced and exposed in these digital experiences.”

Digital 360 is valuable to businesses because it combines industry-leading marketing, commerce and experience clouds to help create seamless online interactions. It also has three exceptionally important aspects responsible for the success of its users:

It’s driven by data. 

By integrating your commerce systems, marketing technology, service portals and social media together on a cloud-based platform, you can effectively create a more educated strategy.

It’s obsessed with humans. 

After compiling and organizing all of your data, you’ll be able to create personalized experiences for everyone, essentially giving you the power to please every customer.

It’s future-proof. 

Instead of a standard software update, Digital 360 is designed as an evolving technology in itself. In other words, everyone and everything else adapts to Digital 360, as it has become the industry standard of making companies (and technologies) absolutely agile.

As you can see, Digital 360 offers customizable tools to streamline every aspect of your business.


About 7Summits 

7Summits, an IBM Company is a digital solutions consultancy that uses the power of connected experiences and the Salesforce platform to unlock business value.

Our clients benefit from the fact that intelligent digital experiences empower customers, enable partners and unleash employees to build your business for you. Our human-centered approach strengthens client outcomes by combining the expertise of strategic consultants, experience designers, technical developers and success specialists. And our client solutions launch faster thanks to our Accelerator Library of configurable Salesforce Lightning Web Component applications.

Backed by the power of IBM, 7Summits is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and recognized annually for its rapid growth and as a best place to work. In short, we’re the choice in the Salesforce ecosystem for helping clients use digital collaboration and automation to solve business problems. Learn more at 

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