Turn Your Customer Community Into A Customer Engagement System

October 27, 2015

Your customers are going to have conversations about your business whether you like it or not. The question is: Do you want to have some control over these conversations? Or are you content to just leave them to chance?

An online community for customers gives your business the ability to create incredible customer experiences and helps you boost customer engagement, which, in turn, drives revenue. If you’re exploring the idea of implementing a customer community for your business, keep reading to learn how a community may help you achieve your goals.

Your Customer Community Gives You Control Of The Conversation

A major luxury brand was facing a problem: a stagnant customer community. Its customers were abandoning the community and migrating to independently operated communities established for customers and fans. With no control over these independent communities, the company had no way of managing conversations about its brand and no mechanism for capitalizing on its customers’ enthusiasm.

To take control of the situation, the company decided to overhaul its customer community, ensuring that the new community featured enhanced social tools and a top-notch user experience. By giving customers an appealing, brand-approved community, the luxury brand took control of the conversation. It gave itself instant insights into how customers felt about its products and provided its customers with a digital space that reinforced their engagement and brand loyalty.

Enthusiasm Breeds Enthusiasm

Your most passionate customers are an untapped brand-building resource. When you implement a customer community, you give them an outlet to express their passion. This passion works to get other customers more excited about your products.

In your online community, customers have the ability to post content and share their experiences of your products and services. When your most ardent fans share their experiences, your other customers feel their passion and become inspired. These communities essentially give your business a platform to convert passionate customers into brand ambassadors, who in turn help convert other customers. Eventually, your customer engagement experiences a tremendous boost.

Harness The Power Of Your Customers’ Expertise

Your most passionate customers crave a platform that allows them to show off their expert knowledge of your products and services. Your customer community gives your customers a place to ask questions. Other customers see those questions and post answers. Your community moderators are then able to mark correct answers as your company’s official answers.

Not only does this help reduce call and email volume to your customer support center, but it provides a better user experience for your customers. It also helps make your “expert” customers feel valued, which increases their customer engagement and loyalty to your business.

Make Your Customer Community Easy To Navigate

To derive the most value from your customer community, you need to ensure your community is an appealing place for your customers to spend their time. Stale, difficult-to-navigate online communities don’t help your customers or your business.

Ensure an exceptional online community for your customers by focusing on user experience and design. Great designs that fit with your brand and your customers’ personalities make people want to spend more time in your community. Seamless user experience helps your customers navigate your community and get what they need. When you focus on experience and design, you build a community that delights your customers and maximizes their engagement.


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