Transforming the Employee Experience by Migrating to Salesforce

Crossmark is a leading sales and marketing services company in the consumer goods and services industry, employing more than 40,000 employees in the United States and Canada. The organization’s areas of expertise include Insights & Intelligence, Headquarter Sales, Retail Merchandising, Shopper Engagement and Consumer Engagement.




Business Services


Salesforce Experience Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
7Summits Digital Workspace



Legacy SharePoint community had a disengaged system for employees

Crossmark had long been a Microsoft “shop,” but a broader strategic initiative led the organization to become Salesforce focused. The issue was that Crossmark Connect, their SharePoint community, had been a long standing, disengaging system for their large employee base with which the vision of a “lift and shift” migration was difficult to see.



Migrate existing SharePoint community to a multi-Cloud Salesforce solution

Crossmark desired a migration of their employee community to Salesforce, implementing both Experience Cloud and Service Cloud in the process. The platform change allows Crossmark to unlock features like centralized access to resources, improved collaboration among teams and better employee self-service capabilities improving navigation, organization and data retention.



Better engagement and an innovative digital experience for 40,000 employees

By migrating to Salesforce, Crossmark has successfully made their employees more productive with an enhanced digital experience. Enterprise knowledge sharing is enabled, collaboration has gone up, and accessibility and communication have improved. Consolidation on Salesforce allowed Crossmark to retire / replace old systems, leading to significant cost savings.