Streamlining UX and Enabling Training and Support for Partners and Customers

Combining their enterprise search technology with proprietary AI and machine learning capabilities, Coveo is able to provide clients with incredibly relevant experiences. Grounded in their mission to help organizations deliver personalization at scale, Coveo wanted to offer a more streamlined UX.




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13,300 active users

50% YoY revenue growth
while costs remained flat

65% increase in user activity

“7Summits cares deeply about their clients and outcomes. They took the time to fully understand our business, communication was great throughout and overall they did a great job.” – Director of Alliances


Disjointed user experiences across multiple sites lead to archaic and complex processes

To access training and support materials, Coveo’s customers and partners were dealing with experiences that forced them to navigate across a variety of sites. With Coveo’s focus on using personalization to enhance client journeys, it was essential for them to have a UX that did so as well. They required a community that would provide a unified, efficient, cutting-edge experience.



Accessibility to knowledge articles, better self-service and enhanced user collaboration

Using Experience Cloud and other accelerators, Coveo implemented a digital experience that made a variety of processes easier. SSO created a more unified digital journey across multiple sites. Both customers and partners can access personalized articles based on their individual issues. Queries can be addressed collaboratively by users, saving Coveo time and resources. 



Streamlined UX, improved training and support, new technical governance program

Following the launch of their new community, Coveo’s users were delighted with a smoother experience that spanned across a variety of sites. Implementations like SSO and AI led to quicker, more efficient processes and more robust training and support experiences.