7Summits Launches Community Platform Migration Accelerator, a Lightning Bolt on the Salesforce AppExchange

7Summits | January 12, 2019

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7Summits, the leader in community-driven digital transformation solutions, today released their Community Platform Migration Accelerator Lightning Bolt on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

7Summits Community Platform Migration Accelerator

The proprietary tool simplifies the previously daunting task of migrating a community, intranet, portal or social engagement platform off a legacy system and onto the industry-leading Salesforce Community Cloud platform. The new Lightning Bolt Solution can be applied to a variety of legacy systems including: Lithium, Jive, Sharepoint, Open Source, IBM Connections, Salesforce Visualforce, among others.

“7Summits has been creating online communities for nearly 10 years, having been a first-mover when these types of solutions started finding their way inside companies. Those hundreds of communities taught us a lot about how audience experiences, content, data and insights drive behavior and business outcomes.  That intimate knowledge and hands-on experience became an important foundation as we developed our processes, procedures, and this proprietary Migration Accelerator technology. These elements come together to ensure a platform migration experience that puts the client’s business objectives, not just technical requirements and limitations, at the center of the decision-making,” said Paul Stillmank, 7Summits CEO. “That’s critically important toward maintaining adoption, accelerating business value, and positioning for what’s next for our clients.”

The new Community Platform Migration Accelerator seamlessly integrates with 7Summits’ existing Lightning Bolt Community Templates, offering clients a cohesive experience from community migration strategy to asset identification and cleansing to content and data mapping, and ultimately conversion to a new community experience built on the Salesforce platform. This approach affords clients the flexibility to target the various systems-of-record represented by all of the cloud solutions that Salesforce has to offer while leveraging an out-of-the-box or customized community template at the system-of-engagement for those audiences.

The Community Platform Migration Accelerator enables configurable data transformation logic, Salesforce API access, and auditing of before/after migration records. Translated for non-technical readers, the solution guides your technical migration. It provides a complete inventory of existing content and data, and lets you choose if the content should be moved and how it will appear in the new Salesforce community experience. Some assets may be archived or retired instead of migrated, while others may require more specific dispositioning based on the requirements for the new Salesforce community.  Once these planning steps are complete, the Migration Accelerator then transfers the identified content and assets into your new Salesforce Community Cloud experience.

“Ultimately, we see many companies leaving their legacy platforms behind and choosing Salesforce because they have business objectives that can be better met with a unified platform served up through a collaborative solution,” continued Stillmank. “At 7Summits, we understand the difference between a pure platform move and a more transformative business solution. We partner with our clients during the migration process to uncover new opportunities to leverage these solutions in ways that delight their audiences, drive the right actions, and result in greater productivity and higher revenues.”

The Community Platform Migration Accelerator Lightning Bolt solution joins the 7Summits’ suite of solution accelerators, which include: Lightning Bolts (Employee Digital Workspace Bolt, PartnerFirst Bolt, Student Engagement Bolt, Alumni Engagement Bolt, Customer Experience Bolt, and Product Enablement Bolt), Flow Actions (SlideShare and Social Engagement Pack), and dozens of Components, including: Leaderboard, Google Maps, File Loader, Events, Groups, Ideas, Members, News, Checklists, Current Weather, Social Share, Group SMS, Job Board, KB Filter, Video Gallery, LinkedIn, Partner Registration, Product Catalog, RSS/JSON Readers, Sitemap, and SmartMatch.

As a first step to migration planning, download the complementary Community Migration Quick Guide written by 7Summits experts to kickstart client thinking, or request a migration readiness review discussion.

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7Summits is the leader in community-driven digital transformation solutions that empower customers, enable partners, and unleash employees. Our proven approach combines strategic consulting, user-centered experience design, and deep technical expertise to improve clients’ business processes through collaboration and automation. 
Our Salesforce Lightning Accreditation recognizes our suite of solution accelerators, including Community Lightning Bolts and Lightning Components. These proprietary tools help customers implement high-quality solutions faster. 7Summits is a Salesforce Gold-level Consulting Partner, a two-time recipient of Salesforce Venture funding, and is recognized by industry analysts and observers as a standout digital solutions provider. 

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