Community Cloud Winter '18 Release - See It in Action

What’s in store for your community? I’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find the best that this release has to offer. Where possible, I’ve included gifs to help you see these enhancements in action.

The Salesforce Winter ‘18 Release brought a lot of exciting features and enhancements. Especially for Community Cloud. For me, the best way to go through this is by watching the Community Cloud – Release Readiness LIVE, Winter ‘18 video. If you’ve got the time, I recommend watching it so you can take advantage of the new things that are now here with Winter ‘18.

80+ Out-of-Box Components Now Available

With the Winter ‘18 Release, there are now over 80 out-of-box components available to use across all community templates. This is a huge win and something that customers have been asking about for a long time. What’s also nice is they’re accessible in the Community Builder. Right here you’re seeing the full library of components.

Fun Fact: 7Summits Lightning Components show up at 29:25 of the Release Readiness video

Winter '18 - 80 Components

Live Chat Snap in (New feature of Live Agent)

Before this release, a lot of customers said they love the integration with Live Agent, but it was tough to configure. With the new Live Chat Snap in, Live Agent is a lot more accessible in the Community Builder. A very easy drag and drop component.

Winter '18 - Live Chat Snap In

Community 360 Enhancements

Community 360 is taking customer support to a whole new level. These enhancements make it easier for an agent to know the person before they address the issue. Instead of offering the same responses to all users, the customer support agent can offer personalized support. This creates a more efficient and enhanced user experience.

New to Community 360:

  • What knowledge articles and cases were viewed and how many times the user has accessed each one
  • Conversations taking place – questions posted and comments given to other users
  • How often and how deeply the user is engaging in the community

Marketing and Community Integration – Email Campaign Journeys

The integration of Marketing Cloud with Community Cloud brings a great new innovation to light — the ability to create an email marketing journey for a user that you’ve just interacted with.

Now, the Marketing Cloud can listen into the activity in your community. It can see when someone has joined the community, their activities, which communities they’re a member of, their email notification settings and more.

How to activate the email marketing journey

At the top of the screen, you’ll see a button that says, “Add to Campaign.” Open this up and select the email campaign you want to begin. Click “Save” to submit. The user will then start to receive emails from that email campaign. With a relevant call to action in the email, the user will come back to the community to continue to engage.

Digital Experience Platform Overview

A lot of new enhancements are coming out in the Winter ‘18 release to continue to take Lightning communities and make it easier to deliver that rich, targeted, personalized experience with clicks not code. The biggest improvements impact areas like Workspaces, Community Builder, CMS Connect integration, Audience Targeting and improved analytics.

CMS Connect Expansion

With the Winter ’18 Release, there are now several CMS systems supported:

  • Adobe CMS Manager
  • Sitecore
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Tridion

Also, there’s a new CMS Connect JSON component that can help you bring in structured and unstructured content into the Community builder.

Embed and Build Lightning Workflows

With this release, you can build a Lightning Workflow using Process Builder to enable your users through self service. You can also connect to any Lightning process on the platform through a Lighting Component.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

The Partner Community has gotten some major upgrades with the Winter ‘18 release. You can:

  • Organize channel partners by taking advantage of Channel Programs and Levels and provide access to resources and features based on the partner’s program level.
  • Offer market development funds as part of your channel marketing program to drive demand for your products and provide incentives to partners.
  • Optimize your partner community by using guided tutorials to set up processes, workflows, record types, layouts, and assignment rules for features that.
  • Use partner scorecards to monitor performance
  • Install Distributed Marketing from AppExchange and create campaigns from your Partner Central community using Journey Builder.

Public Link Sharing Files

With Public Link Sharing, partners can now share content outside the organization or community. Once you copy the link, you can send it in an email or paste into another browser tab. The user will have the same experience viewing the content as others inside the organization or community. They can also download the file if they want to view it offline or see it on their desktop.

Quip Integration

Last but not least, the Winter ‘18 release has brought with it the integration of Quip into Salesforce. That means partners can collaborate in real time with other partners and their channel managers. If you click on a Quip document, real-time collaboration is visible on the left side between different partners and channel marketers/vendors.

Looking for more?

Winter ‘18 recently went live. Now it’s time to take it for a test drive. Here are some more ways you can learn more about this release and see it in action.

Learn about it directly from Salesforce

Review the full Winter ‘18 Release notes

Watch the Community Cloud – Release Readiness LIVE, Winter ‘18 video referenced in this post

Join us at Dreamforce to see Winter ‘18 in action

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