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Cameron Redden Principal Profile Feature ImageAt 7Summits, one of the things we’re most known for is our people. We’ve undergone unprecedented growth in recent years, all while continuing to foster a collaborative, employee-centric culture. Some of the employees who best embody our core values become Principals within the company, where they get to showcase their expertise and teamwork throughout the business. 

Learn more about Cameron Redden, a member of our Principal program who earned induction into the program in the area of Client Success.

What is your name, position and time at 7Summits?

I’m Cameron Redden, a Principal Consultant at 7Summits. I’ve been here and immersed in the Salesforce ecosystem for three and half years.

What are some of your areas of expertise?
  • Financial Services technology and management consulting 
  • Large scale program delivery and governance
  • Executive oversight and support for strategic accounts and clients
  • Delivery and sales enablement
  • Deal shaping standards / controls
  • Tollgate processes / best practices
What types of challenges do you enjoy solving?

I enjoy solving problems that are causing high levels of pain or inefficiency for a large number of people, or are so complex and nebulous that they require dedicated focus and critical thinking. Most enjoyable for me is when I am able to address these kinds of challenges with solutions that include repeatable processes and tools that can scale.

What project or work that you’ve done at 7Summits are you the most proud of?

I worked on a project for a large nonprofit organization that was probably the most intense project I have ever helped lead in my career. It was very rewarding on a professional level, knowing that my efforts were helping not only our delivery team and clients, but that our solution would ultimately help countless people during times of great need.

Most satisfying for me personally might have to be the Wharton MBA Program Office Strategy project. Although it was a relatively small project with few resources, we were able to fully focus across a six-week timeline to ultimately deliver a meaningful community adoption assessment, go-forward adoption strategy, and roadmap / plan to execute that strategy. Knowing that the client was both satisfied and genuinely excited to have a tangible plan that they could execute was very rewarding for me.

What is your number one tip for a client undergoing a digital transformation project?

Don’t be afraid of setbacks and failures during your transformation. Failing is a natural part of the process, is only temporary and is needed to help guide your company and its unique needs to the promised land.

What is your favorite part about getting to work with clients on a daily basis?

Variety and perspective!

Where do you feel you’ve made a significant impact at 7Summits? 
  1. “Influenced” revenue
  2. Tollgate approach, processes and tools
  3. Informal coaching and mentoring
What does it mean to you to be a part of the Principal program?

The Principal program at 7Summits is certainly a great honor, but it is more than just an accolade. For me, being part of the program provides a sense of ownership in making 7Summits and our people the best that we can be.

What’s one fun fact about yourself that people might not know that you’d like to share?

I went to elementary school with Frank Abagnale’s kids (Catch Me If you Can), and learned a great deal about wit and humor while sharing meals at their dinner table. 

Cameron Redden

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