Building an Experience with Community Builder

Phil Weinmeister | January 21, 2020

Phil Weinmeister presenting his session at Dreamforce '19This year, I was honored to have the opportunity to represent 7Summits and share a bit of what I know with the eager (and very sizable) audience at Dreamforce in a few different sessions. One of these sessions, “Build an Experience: Why Every Platform App Builder Will Love Community Builder,” was, along with 148 other proposals, selected from 1,435 total submissions through the “Admin Track” process.

The title hits on the reasons why I was so passionate about delivering this particular session. First, I wanted to underscore the shift that is subtly happening before our eyes: in the Salesforce ecosystem, we are no longer simply building online communities. We are building experiences. We saw that message emphasized in the keynote this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few individuals looking for the “Community Cloud Keynote” were left fruitlessly wandering the streets of San Francisco for what was not to be. Yes, we are building communities, too, but those communities are just a piece of the experiences that are being envisioned, constructed and delivered.

Second, I stand by the premise of my title: that Platform App Builders will certainly love Community Builder. I have been building communities — or, should I say, experiences — for years and I truly love using Salesforce’s Community Builder.

Image from Phil Weinmeister's Dreamforce '19 presentation "Building and Experience with Community Builder"

In my presentation, I first establish what’s so great about Lightning App Builder (the tool primarily used by Platform App Builders):

  • WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get)
  • Drag ‘n’ drop placement of components
  • Property editor panel for real-time configuration
  • Intuitive, simple design

Great, right? Well, that’s just the beginning of the journey. Simply put, Community Builder opens up a whole new world of tools, capabilities, and…well, fun. Did you know that on the home pages of each tool, Lightning App Builder has 27 standard components, while Community Builder boasts 51? It’s true! There’s quite a bit that goes beyond what is offered in LEX. Much of that has to do with the nature of a community vs. a single page in LEX and some of it has to do with the fact that Community Builder was out of the gate much faster than Lightning App Builder.

If you weren’t able to sit in and watch my live demo, there’s some great news! Salesforce recorded the session and you can listen to it. For free! Here it is in all its glory: Build an Experience: Why Every Platform App Builder Will Love Community Builder (Video).

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