Automate & Personalize Your Digital Experience with Lightning Flow & Communities

Phil Weinmeister & Jarrod Kingston

Jarrod Kingston & Phil Weinmeister present Automate & Personalize at Dreamforce 2019Jarrod Kingston: Have you ever had an interaction with a company where you’re a customer, they have your information and yet you still are treated as if they know nothing about you? Or logged into a customer support site and have to re-enter product information even though they know your purchases? Yeah, me too. That’s why personalization is so key to providing world-class digital experiences to your customers, partners and employees. 

In this blog, Phil Weinmeister and I will cover how you can automate business processes and personalize experiences within Salesforce Community Cloud using Lightning Flow. We will walk through real-world examples and share some actionable tips and tricks to give your Salesforce skillset an immediate boost. Even if you are new to Communities or Flow, we hope to get your creative juices flowing and empower you to build relevant, impactful solutions on the platform…without a single line of code!

Ok, let’s get to it and cover some example use cases where utilizing Lightning Flow can provide a better experience. For the sake of examples, we will be looking at a fictitious company, trailFace, and their current issues, then how we will solve with Flow.

Problem #1: Customers have no way of choosing the type of community experience that best suits them.

The Solution: Build a Lightning Flow that allows a user to change their experience on-demand and use audiences in communities to provide a different experience.

Let’s take a look at what this flow looks like in the community. You can see that we’re greeting the user with their name (showing we know who they are) and telling them what experience they’re currently on. On top of that, we’re even giving them the ability to set their preference and hide the flow. Lastly, if you’re familiar with flow you’ll note that our button says “Set Preference” instead of the usual “Next” or “Finish” which provides a more intuitive experience.

Lightning Flow Image for Automate & Personalize

Phil Weinmeister: Pretty awesome, isn’t it? We are using Flow to shift the power and control of the digital experience from the admin/company to the individual who is actually having the experience. Want more collaboration and discussion? Great, select that experience. Want to see a product-focused home page? Not a problem. Let’s give the power back to the people!

Here’s what the flow looks like: simple, yet powerful to the customer.

Lightning Flow Graphic

Problem #2: Customers have no way to troubleshoot product issues, forcing them to always have to call or email support. 

JK: Solution: Build a Lightning Flow that walks a customer through a series of contextual troubleshooting steps, all the while storing their responses in the event a case needs to be created at the end.

Now let’s see how this flow looks in the community. As you watch the below you’ll notice that each step gets more specific as the customer selects an option. Furthermore all the information is then able to be used to automatically create a case for the customer preventing them from repeating information.

Gif of Flow walkthrough for Jarrod and Phil's Dreamforce Presentation

PW: There’s so much good stuff that’s happening here. Not only are we gathering information from a customer efficiently, we are finding out if they are still under warranty….and then creating a case using all the information we have already gathered! And for a bonus, we show relevant icons and graphics at every step. This is what an engaging customer experience looks like when it intersects the power of process automation.

JK: In our session, we covered multiple other solutions using Lightning Flow in communities There are many other personalization use cases like registration, product review, etc that could be done using lightning flow, as well. The question is, are you ready to up your personalization game within your community? We’ve curated a great list of resources to get you started and of course, 7Summits is primed to help you build a world class personalized digital experience for your customers, partners and employees.


PW: At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to make it out there. But why not “make it” without annoying repetitive tasks, disconnected experiences, or a need for unnecessary manual steps? Lightning Flow was a game-changer for the Salesforce platform when it was introduced a year or so ago and its magic is beautifully suited for efficient, engaging, and flat-out fun experiences in Lightning communities.

Does this session sound like it might be interesting to you? I hope so. We are looking to take this baby on the road, so look for “Automate & Personalize with Lightning Flow for Communities” at a Community Event near you in 2020.

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