AppExchange: Meet Trailblazing Partner Phil Weinmeister of 7Summits

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Salesforce’s AppExchange blog recently featured 7Summits VP of Product Management Phil Weinmeister in an interview-style article about Phil being named a Trailblazing Partner. The distinction recognizes his ability to drive change and inspire others through innovation, by transforming customer experiences and by growing his career.

The interview walks through a little bit of Phil’s career, discussing his start in the Salesforce ecosystem and what factors impacted his professional journey. The conversation then transitions to some of his motivations and advice for continued development, before wrapping up by talking about his personal life and what being a Trailblazer means to Phil.

Excerpts from the piece:

What came after that first [Salesforce administrator] position?

Phil: After doing Salesforce administration for a little over a year, I moved into a consultant role and it was exactly what I was hoping for. I worked for a consulting organization for a few years and, during that time, really developed a passion for Community Cloud. I brought that passion and expertise for building communities to the Product team at 7Summits in 2016. The Product organization at 7Summits is small, but mighty, building reusable apps for our clients that can be leveraged across multiple communities. It’s been a great fit for me. 

What drew you to Community Cloud? How does it and the other parts of your day-to-day fuel your passion and keep you energized?

Phil: I still have the same passion I’ve had since I touched Salesforce for the first time.  My passion for communities comes from a balance of the ability to connect with the end user as well as the actual platform itself. That’s probably what I fell in love with first — the technology. The ability to essentially build a website powered by Salesforce data was a very powerful thing, and I really enjoyed using this technology.

As far as my day-to-day, I’m able to work with individuals and create new innovative solutions and that’s just awesome. I love doing that; I love being able to look at a customer problem and say “How can we solve this?” We try to stay on the cutting edge and deliver really useful and meaningful applications — getting our hands dirty with process builder, flow, and of course, code as well.”

To read the full interview, check out the AppExchange blog titled “Meet Trailblazing Partner Phil Weinmeister of 7Summits,” which can be accessed here.

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