AppExchange Blog Highlights Three 7Summits Accelerators

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Salesforce’s AppExchange Blog published an article detailing some of the Apps that will help customers get the most out of Experience Cloud, and three of 7Summits’ Accelerators made the list. Video Gallery, Twitter Feed and Ideas were all featured in the blog under the “Experience Platform” section, which highlights “solutions that span across multiple Experience Cloud use cases.”

While just three of 7Summits’ Accelerators were discussed in the blog, the company has a total of 22 Bolts, Flows, Apps and Components listed on the AppExchange. And 7Summits’ IP library extends far beyond just those applications as well. 7Summits has the largest continually expanding library of unmanaged LWC apps in the Salesforce ecosystem, with over 50 total Accelerators available to our clients. 

An excerpt containing a high-level overview and the sections of the article discussing 7Summits’ Accelerators can be read below. The full blog can be accessed on the AppExchange blog

Excerpt from the article about 7Summits’ Accelerators:

“Let’s take a closer look at some of these apps, focused on supporting the key Experience Cloud use cases and capabilities including self-service, partner relationship management, digital experience, reports and dashboards, and security. See the entire list on the new Experience Cloud collection page.

Video Gallery (for LEX and Lightning Communities)

Easily and quickly display multiple YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or Vidyard videos in Lightning Experience or Experience Cloud with Video Gallery.

Video Gallery AppExchange Blog

Twitter Feed (for LEX and Lightning Communities)

Twitter Feed has dozens of pre-built Lightning Bolts, Enterprise Apps, Flows and Components that enable speed to market and maximize Salesforce’s potential.

Twitter Feed AppExchange Image

Ideas (for LEX and Lightning Communities)

Empower members to publish, collaborate and vote on great ideas with Ideas. Get actionable feedback to transform your business.

Ideas AppExchange Image

Link to the full article.

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