Amplifying Your Salesforce Solutions with Experience Cloud

After Salesforce renamed Community Cloud to Experience Cloud, you may have been left wondering what that means for the future of your digital solutions. This wasn’t an example of switching up the name for no tangible reason; it is an intentional departure that reflects Salesforce’s capabilities as a complete Digital Experience Platform.

So what exactly does this mean for you? Put simply, Experience Cloud lets you unlock even more business value across all of Salesforce’s core Clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud… you get it. Once you’ve invested in these other Salesforce solutions, it is inexpensive to add Experience Cloud and generate even larger ROI (and ROX) for your business. 

Making it easy to understand the value of Experience Cloud is exactly what we’re here to help you do. With our expertise in creating innovative multi-Cloud solutions, we want to share the words, phrases and definitions you need to know to successfully pair Experience with your other Salesforce solutions. Keep reading to explore the ways that a digital experience leverages data to drive collaboration between and among users, and engages customers, partners and employees through purposeful, tailored journeys. 

Amplifying Sales Cloud with Experience Cloud

Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that works as an all-in-one tool for businesses to manage leads, track progress and automate sales processes with ease. While it’s fast and flexible enough to foster strong relationships with users, that value is enhanced when your Sales Cloud data is connected with Experience Cloud. Here are three ways that you can amplify your CRM with an integrated digital experience.

  • Seamlessly Integrate with Systems of Record to Get a Complete Customer View in One Place
  • Give Users the Tools They Need with Personalized, Customizable Experiences
  • Accelerate Sales Channels and Deliver Success with Revenue Cloud

Amplifying Service Cloud with Experience Cloud

Amplifying Service Cloud LogoService Cloud is a customer service solution that combines use cases like self-service, digital service and field service in a centralized, easy-to-use location. Leveraging AI, case management, data integration and other capabilities on phone, web, chat or email, Service Cloud enables your agents and customers to connect and solve problems. But the greatest value comes when you enable these use cases in an innovative experience. Here are three major ways that you can amplify your customer service with an integrated digital experience.

  • Enhance Insights into Users with Better Tools and Data Surfacing
  • Provide Instant Support with Self-Service Mechanisms
  • Deliver Trusted and Efficient Field Service

Amplifying Marketing Cloud with Experience Cloud

7Summits' Amplifying Marketing Cloud LogoMarketing Cloud provides digital marketing automation, integrated marketing tools and analytics solutions. Leveraging Marketing Cloud lets organizations optimize impact, budgets and processes by sending customers the right messages at the right moments with intelligent marketing practices. Paired with Experience Cloud, you’ll be able to accomplish marketing tasks and build brand advocacy in a data-powered, unified solution. Here are three major ways that a digital experience will amplify your marketing efforts. 

  • Promote Your Brand and Foster Loyalty with Marketing Campaigns
  • Accomplish Marketing Tasks Directly in Your Employee Experience
  • Leverage Pardot and Other Tools to Automate Processes

Amplifying Commerce Cloud with Experience Cloud

Commerce Cloud IconCommerce Cloud is a customer-first ecommerce solution built on Salesforce’s CRM. It enables businesses to connect the full customer experience by sharing data on an integrated platform, using AI, innovative apps and other tools to customize commerce and power user interactions. Commerce Cloud helps both B2C and B2B businesses deliver convenient commerce, grow revenue and put customers first, but a digital experience lets you magnify collaboration and provide seamless transactions for users. Here are three major ways that Experience Cloud will enhance your ecommerce solutions.

  • Enable Customers to Discover, Research and Collaborate About Your Products
  • Streamline the Entire Transaction Process for Users
  • Provide Integrated Experiences for Both B2C and B2B Commerce

Amplifying Your Multi-Cloud Solutions with Analytics

Salesforce Analytics LogoLeveraging Salesforce’s analytics platform, known as Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics), helps you keep that data organized and accessible, increasing its value as it informs decision-making. Experience Cloud gives you a way to take all of the data being collected by analytics and surface it in a single place, instead of having disparate systems that don’t interact with each other. Once your systems of record and system of engagement are working together, adding Analytics as the system of intelligence lets you continue amplifying your overall user experience.

  • Unify Sources of Data from Throughout Your Salesforce Solutions
  • Make Data Integration Practical, Easy and Accessible
  • Create Truly Intelligent Experiences that Enhance Every Step of the User Journey

After investing in a Salesforce implementation your organization, the benefits waiting to be unlocked by adding Experience Cloud make doing so an easy decision for your business. With a community or other digital experience, you’ll be able to leverage personalization and automation to accelerate sales channels and seamlessly integrate the data in your CRM. Enable various use cases, surface data directly in your digital solutions, and provide a unified, end-to-end user journey by leveraging Experience Cloud to complement your Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and other Salesforce investments.

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