Amplifying Your Multi-Cloud Solutions with Analytics

Salesforce Analytics LogoOver the past month, we’ve shown you ways that Experience Cloud helps you unlock even more business value from your Salesforce solutions. Whether you’ve invested in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud or Commerce Cloud, the decision to extend your digital landscape with an intelligent experience provides numerous benefits for your company and your users.

This blog series shared 12 concrete ways that Experience Cloud amplifies your existing Salesforce products, but that still only scratches the surface of what’s possible by implementing multi-Cloud solutions. Leveraging exciting new capabilities like advanced analytics, AI, machine learning, and more will enable you to build intelligent experiences that generate even more ROI (and ROX) for your business.   

In this, the final blog of this series, we’ll recap how pairing your Salesforce systems of record with Experience Cloud unlocks new capabilities for your organization and its users, and how those features drive business value. Then we’ll share how amplifying your multi-Cloud experiences with Salesforce analytics lets you realize even more value, providing the intelligent, hyper-relevant journeys your users desire.

3 Ways Analytics Amplify Your Multi-Cloud Experiences

Individually, Experience Cloud (the system of engagement) serves as the connective tissue between stakeholders and Salesforce’s solutions. It drives collaboration between and among users, and engages customers, partners and employees through purposeful, tailored digital experiences. When combined with other Salesforce clouds, Experience Cloud enables relevant collected data to be exposed and managed in a community. 

Layers of Systems of Engagement, Intelligence and Record

Experience Cloud acts as the System of Engagement, while other Salesforce solutions like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud are the Systems of Record. They work together with Analytics, the system of intelligence, to unlock and maximize business value.

Leveraging Salesforce’s analytics platform, known as Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics), helps you keep that data organized and accessible, increasing its value as it informs decision-making. Experience Cloud gives you a way to take all of the data being collected by analytics and surface it in a single place, instead of having disparate systems that don’t interact with each other. Once your systems of record and system of engagement are working together, adding Analytics as the system of intelligence lets you continue amplifying your overall user experience.

Unify Sources of Data from Throughout Your Salesforce Solutions

The primary goal of your digital solutions is to improve the overall experience for your users. Amplifying your solutions with analytics provides a streamlined, intelligent way to do that. The system of intelligence complements your systems of record and engagement, unifying user data in a single place to enhance UX. The Tableau CRM platform seamlessly pulls data from your Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other Salesforce solutions or third-party applications to allow you to make decisions and analyze patterns that will benefit your users’ interactions with your company. Authorized users from every one of your departments can access and collaborate with this cloud-based data, ensuring a unified approach to data management in your organization. When the different internal stakeholders at your company can view user data coming in from all relevant sources, they’re able to draw accurate conclusions and identify opportunities to drive business results.

Make Data Integration Practical, Easy and Accessible

Tableau CRM enables you to unify your different Salesforce data systems, but its benefits go beyond that. With Salesforce Analytics, the data integration process is streamlined and efficient. You are ensured that the data collected is reliable, helping you see what your users see and then make changes, with their experience as your key focus. Intuitive drag and drop analysis tools make data integration easy, as you can explore the data being collected in your experience and identify patterns that help you make decisions for future iterations. Share data-driven insights and stay ahead of potential issues by securely sharing dashboards across teams and roles. By using Tableau CRM, you can trust your data is being integrated correctly, and ensure you’re always using the most accurate, up to date analytics. The insights collected from throughout your Salesforce solutions help you easily amplify your digital experiences by identifying opportunities for growth that benefits your users.

Create Truly Intelligent Experiences that Enhance Every Step of the User Journey

When your multi-Cloud system of engagement is being amplified by a system of intelligence, you’re able to give users the Intelligent Experiences that work faster and smarter for them. The data pulled by other clouds is augmented by analytics and then surfaced in an experience. You can easily see and analyze the behaviors and patterns displayed by users, and start turning predictions into outcomes and insights into action. Features like proactive alerts and notifications help your business better engage with users, and you can act on collaborative, automated, data-driven insights to deliver the intelligent experiences that modern users expect.

After investing in a multi-Cloud digital experience, your organization will unlock even more benefits by taking advantage of Salesforce Analytics’ capabilities. Your systems of record, engagement and intelligence will work in tandem to create hyper-relevant, smarter and faster experiences for your users, generating both immediate and long-term value for your business.

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