Amplifying Service Cloud with Experience Cloud

Amplifying Service Cloud LogoAfter Salesforce renamed Community Cloud to Experience Cloud, you may have been left wondering what that means for the future of your digital solutions. This wasn’t an example of switching up the name for no tangible reason; it is an intentional departure that reflects Salesforce’s capabilities as a complete Digital Experience Platform.

We get that the new name and numerous possibilities for how to leverage these capabilities can feel daunting. Making it easy is exactly what we’re here to help you do. With our expertise in creating innovative multi-Cloud solutions, we want to share the words, phrases and definitions you need to know to successfully pair Experience with your other Salesforce Clouds.  

So what exactly does this mean for you? Put simply, Experience Cloud lets you unlock even more business value across all of Salesforce’s core Clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud… you get it. Once you’ve invested in these other Salesforce solutions, it is inexpensive to add Experience Cloud and generate even larger ROI (and ROX) for your business. In the second article of this series, we’ll explain the benefits you get by pairing Experience Cloud with Service Cloud.

3 Ways Experience Cloud Amplifies Service Cloud

Individually, Experience Cloud (the system of engagement) serves as the connective tissue between stakeholders and Salesforce’s solutions. It drives collaboration between and among users, and engages customers, partners and employees through purposeful, tailored digital experiences. When combined with other Salesforce clouds, such as Service Cloud (a system of record), Experience Cloud enables relevant collected data to be exposed and managed in a community. Overall, it serves as a reliable source of data across experiences, provides consistency across touchpoints, and personalizes content and the wider experience.

Layers of Systems of Engagement, Intelligence and Record

Experience Cloud acts as the System of Engagement, while other Salesforce solutions like Sales Cloud are the Systems of Record. The three layers work together to unlock and maximize business value.

Service Cloud is a customer service solution that combines use cases like self-service, digital service and field service in a centralized, easy-to-use location. Leveraging AI, case management, data integration and other capabilities on phone, web, chat or email, Service Cloud enables your agents and customers to connect and solve problems. But the greatest value comes when you enable these use cases in an innovative experience. Here are three major ways that you can amplify your CRM with an integrated digital experience.

Enhance Insights into Users with Better Tools and Data Surfacing

By amplifying Service Cloud with Experience Cloud, you’ll be providing users with a CRM-powered experience that seamlessly integrates their data and past behaviors to accelerate their service requests and personalize their journeys. Every time your customers interact with your company, you need to give them a personalized experience that contains actionable steps to meet their customer service needs. This is most easily enabled when your CRM data helps identify next steps and recommendations and surfaces relevant resources and tools for your users.

Surfacing information from your systems of record in a community improves your organization’s insights into customers, which in turn enhances your company’s service capabilities. You’ll be able to access all of your customers’ complete interactions with your business in one place, allowing you to gain a full view of users and predict the exact outcomes needed to manage their specific support cases. Extending your investment in Service Cloud with Experience Cloud unlocks the customer insights that let you provide more personalized FAQs, knowledge and other resources to deliver efficient service and maximize customer satisfaction.

Provide Instant Support with Self-Service Mechanisms

A major part of enhancing your company’s customer service is to make sure they have the tools to solve problems quickly and efficiently. A self-service portal built on Experience Cloud lets customers easily and independently get the support they need. Data collected in your CRM lets the experience expose relevant articles, account information and forum discussions instantly. Customers can draw on the collective wisdom of the community for support, which reduces workload on your agents and sales reps who won’t have to triage simple requests.

This rich and intelligent self-service takes place directly in the community, as searchable knowledge bases and member directories enable your customers to access relevant resources themselves. By reducing friction with these types of peer-to-peer discussions, your business will reduce the overall number of service cases and see a bump in CSAT. And these solutions are good for more than just peer-to-peer self-service; with Experience Cloud, your customers can create and escalate support cases in the community. Cases are automatically escalated based on certain keywords, and your service agents can answer questions directly in the experience. This provides users with an end-to-end service experience–from case creation to resolution–that drives value for you and keep users delighted. 

Deliver Trusted and Efficient Field Service

Extending Service Cloud with Experience Cloud also helps your organization deliver effective, trusted and efficient field service to customers. The virtual support capabilities made possible by an Experience help you reduce the need for in-person visits and further scale through remote assistance. Customers can instantly book virtual appointments through your portal, and you’ll be able to harness Einstein and AI to enable field service quickly and correctly with high first-time fix rates. Your dispatchers and other service agents have full visibility to your customers’ needs in one place, allowing them to easily prioritize essential projects and assign proper resources based on skills, locations and other data.

After investing in a Service Cloud implementation for your organization, the benefits waiting to be unlocked by amplifying it with Experience Cloud make doing so an easy decision for your business. With a community or other digital experience, you’ll be able to complement your customer service with more relevant data and enhance case management and resolution. Enable various use cases related to self-service, digital service and field service, and provide a unified, end-to-end user journey by leveraging Experience Cloud to complement your Service Cloud solutions.

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