Amplifying Sales Cloud with Experience Cloud

After Salesforce renamed Community Cloud to Experience Cloud, you may have been left wondering what that means for the future of your digital solutions. This wasn’t an example of switching up the name for no tangible reason; it is an intentional departure that reflects Salesforce’s capabilities as a complete Digital Experience Platform.  

We get that the new name and numerous possibilities for how to leverage these capabilities can be confusing. Overcoming that confusion is exactly what we’re here to help you do. With our expertise in creating innovative multi-Cloud solutions, we want to share the words, phrases and definitions you need to know to successfully pair Experience with your systems of record.  

So what exactly does this mean for you? Put simply, Experience Cloud lets you unlock even more business value across all of Salesforce’s core Clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and more. Your data and business processes may not inspire the most excitement, but incorporating Salesforce’s multi-Cloud capabilities to more adeptly leverage these things will drive the highest returns. Once you’ve invested in these other Salesforce solutions, it is inexpensive to add Experience Cloud and generate even larger ROI (and ROX) for your business. In the first article of this series, we’ll explain the benefits you get by pairing Experience Cloud with Sales Cloud.

3 Ways Experience Cloud Amplifies Sales Cloud

Individually, Experience Cloud (the system of engagement) serves as the connective tissue between stakeholders and Salesforce’s solutions. It drives collaboration between and among users, and engages customers, partners and employees through purposeful, tailored digital experiences. When combined with other Salesforce clouds, such as Sales Cloud (a system of record), Experience Cloud enables relevant collected data to be exposed and managed in a community. Overall, it serves as a reliable source of data across experiences, provides consistency across touchpoints, and personalizes content and the wider experience. 

Layers of Systems of Engagement, Intelligence and Record

Experience Cloud acts as the System of Engagement, while other Salesforce solutions like Sales Cloud are the Systems of Record. The three layers work together to unlock and maximize business value.

Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that works as an all-in-one tool for businesses to manage leads, track progress and automate sales processes with ease. While it’s fast and flexible enough to foster strong relationships with users, that value is enhanced when your Sales Cloud data is connected with Experience Cloud. Here are three major ways that you can amplify your CRM with an integrated digital experience.

Seamlessly Integrate with Systems of Record to Get a Complete Customer View in One Place

To drive sales and unlock value, it’s essential to fully understand your customers. Experience Cloud lets you surface and expose details on leads, opportunities and existing customers all in a centralized location. With a digital experience, you can customize dashboards and reports to ensure your organization is aligned on key goals while easily connecting data directly from your CRM. 

This integration also allows companies to connect their sales teams in real-time, enabling collaboration directly on sales records. Your salespeople will more easily track revenue, monitor pipe generation and make deals happen, and you can adjust community settings so they are only able to access the information most relevant to them about customers and prospects. All of their interactions with customers need to be personalized and actionable, which is most easily enabled when you connect your experience to your CRM.

Give Users the Tools They Need with Personalized, Customizable Experiences

When partnered with Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud enables organizations to personalize every touchpoint and interaction with their customers. These customized interactions then result in more effective data capture and customer insights, which are used to further enhance your users’ experiences and generate even more value. Take known facts about your customers that are stored in your CRM, and use them to automatically customize experiences to surface information that is most relevant to your users. 

Experience Cloud also amplifies your Sales Cloud solutions by taking CRM data and creating frictionless, seamless experiences that surface exactly what your users need. In customer communities, Sales Cloud data helps surface the knowledge articles, FAQs, peer discussions and other collective wisdom of the community to delight users. Employee and partner communities leverage Sales Cloud information to streamline access to critical assets and product information that is most useful to their sales situations. 

Accelerate Sales Channels and Deliver Success with Revenue Cloud

Sales Cloud and its features like Revenue Cloud (formerly Salesforce CPQ) can be enhanced by Experience Cloud to streamline the sales process and accelerate deals. Directly in communities, users can convert leads to opportunities and share contacts and records with colleagues. Systems are integrated in the experience to centralize pricing, inventory and more in one space, allowing your business to unlock value by moving leads through the pipeline quicker. 

When your CRM data is surfaced with Experience Cloud, your users can easily identify qualified leads and prospects that are more likely to buy. And conversations about your products and services that take place in the community are owned entirely by your business, helping you make important decisions that drive value in the future. Finally, a centralized experience also lets you connect resellers, distributors, partners, agents and other buyers, further enhancing your ability to accelerate sales channels and reduce friction.  

After investing in a Sales Cloud implementation for your organization, the benefits waiting to be unlocked by adding Experience Cloud make doing so an easy decision for your business. With a community or other digital experience, you’ll be able to leverage personalization and automation to accelerate sales channels and seamlessly integrate the data in your CRM. Enable various use cases, expose CRM data directly in your digital solutions, and provide a unified, end-to-end user journey by leveraging Experience Cloud to complement your CRM.

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