Amplifying Marketing Cloud with Experience Cloud

7Summits' Amplifying Marketing Cloud LogoAfter Salesforce renamed Community Cloud to Experience Cloud, you may have been left wondering what that means for the future of your digital solutions. This wasn’t an example of switching up the name for no tangible reason; it is an intentional departure that reflects Salesforce’s capabilities as a complete Digital Experience Platform.

We get that the new name and numerous possibilities for how to leverage these capabilities can feel daunting. Making it easy is exactly what we’re here to help you do. With our expertise in creating innovative multi-Cloud solutions, we want to share the words, phrases and definitions you need to know to successfully pair Experience with your other Salesforce Clouds.  

So what exactly does this mean for you? Put simply, Experience Cloud lets you unlock even more business value across all of Salesforce’s core Clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud… you get it. Once you’ve invested in these other Salesforce solutions, it is inexpensive to add Experience Cloud and generate even larger ROI (and ROX) for your business. In the third article of this series, we’ll explain the benefits you get by amplifying Experience Cloud with Marketing Cloud.  

3 Ways Experience Cloud Amplifies Marketing Cloud

Individually, Experience Cloud (the system of engagement) serves as the connective tissue between stakeholders and Salesforce’s solutions. It drives collaboration between and among users, and engages customers, partners and employees through purposeful, tailored digital experiences. When combined with other Salesforce clouds, such as Marketing Cloud (a system of record), Experience Cloud enables relevant collected data to be exposed and managed in a community. Overall, it serves as a reliable source of data across experiences, provides consistency across touchpoints, and personalizes content and the wider experience.

Layers of Systems of Engagement, Intelligence and Record

Experience Cloud acts as the System of Engagement, while other Salesforce solutions like Marketing Cloud are the Systems of Record. The three layers work together to unlock and maximize business value.

Marketing Cloud provides digital marketing automation, integrated marketing tools and analytics solutions. Leveraging Marketing Cloud lets organizations optimize impact, budgets and processes by sending customers the right messages at the right moments with intelligent marketing practices. But the greatest value comes when you enable these use cases in an innovative experience. Here are three major ways that you can amplify your marketing solutions with an integrated digital experience.

Promote Your Brand and Foster Loyalty with Marketing Campaigns

You expect your Marketing Cloud solutions to build relationships and strengthen your brand with customers and prospects, and the best way to do that is to extend your marketing efforts with Experience Cloud. With a CRM-powered experience, your business can leverage data to market to every type of customer directly in your digital environment. In fact, you can build personalized communities and landing pages to create different communities region by region for different customer types, allowing you to power very targeted marketing campaigns. 

The ability to use data to personalize experiences in Experience Cloud lets your company precisely promote your brand and messaging. Simple-to-use online communities act as an interactive extension of your brand and marketing efforts, and campaigns exposed in these experiences help foster loyalty and advocacy among users. Evangelists engaged in the community lend a human face to your brand and promote deeper customer loyalty, and the positive, personalized experiences made possible by Experience Cloud impact customer sentiment and strengthen brand advocacy. Experience Cloud enables organizations to extend the reach of their Marketing Cloud solutions, amplifying the impact of their campaigns.

Accomplish Marketing Tasks Directly in Your Employee Experience

Extending Marketing Cloud with Experience Cloud helps your marketing campaigns resonate with customers (driving value for your business!), but it can also enable your internal stakeholders to more efficiently accomplish marketing-related tasks. Employee experiences let your users approve things like marketing funds within the community, and unified marketing and business analytics can be surfaced directly in the experience as well. This easily accessible data enables your marketing teams to see trends and patterns for where to allocate marketing resources, target campaigns at specific users and understand marketing’s impact on revenue. Experience Cloud, when partnered with marketing solutions, helps companies create digital environments that enable strategic use cases and generate business value. Marketing data is consolidated in your system of engagement, allowing organizations to turn on different features and use cases while transforming their marketing processes to drive value for customers and your business.

Leverage Pardot and Other Tools to Automate Processes

Finally, Marketing Cloud gives you access to many integrated marketing tools that help you deepen customer relationships. The capabilities and impacts of these resources are strengthened when they are included in Experience Cloud solutions. Tools like Marketing Cloud’s B2B complement Pardot enable organizations to automate marketing processes everywhere, helping foster meaningful connections and empower sales and marketing teams to close deals. Manual labor can be largely removed with these resources, uniting marketing and sales processes to intelligent nurture leads and personalize interactions. Emails and notifications can be automatically sent to users based on triggers and time spent within your digital experience. Targeted offers are also able to be displayed directly in communities, while other Marketing Cloud tools like Email Studio, Audience Studio and Datorama further enhance the data-related capabilities for streamlining marketing capabilities within your experience.

After investing in a Marketing Cloud implementation, your organization will unlock even more benefits by adding Experience Cloud. With a community, microsite, portal or other digital experience, you’ll be able to complement your marketing services and platforms with more automated processes to foster advocacy and strengthen your brand. By understanding the ways that Experience Cloud extends your Marketing Cloud solutions, you’ll be able to build a more complete digital experience for your customers. 

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