Amplifying Commerce Cloud with Experience Cloud

Commerce Cloud IconAfter Salesforce renamed Community Cloud to Experience Cloud, you may have been left wondering what that means for the future of your digital solutions. This name change is an intentional departure that reflects Salesforce’s capabilities as a complete Digital Experience Platform, and we’re here to help you understand the multi-Cloud features you should be taking advantage of.

Properly leveraging the capabilities from different Salesforce Clouds can feel daunting. But extending your Salesforce solutions with a digital experience will help you delight users and unlock even more business value across all of Salesforce’s core Clouds. Whether you’ve invested in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud or others, it is inexpensive to add Experience Cloud and generate even larger ROI (and ROX) for your business.

In the fourth article of this series, we’ll explain the benefits you get by pairing Experience Cloud with Commerce Cloud. Take your commerce solutions further, regardless of whether your business focuses on B2C, B2B or both!

3 Ways Experience Cloud Amplifies Commerce Cloud

Individually, Experience Cloud (the system of engagement) serves as the connective tissue between stakeholders and Salesforce’s solutions. It drives collaboration between and among users, and engages customers, partners and employees through purposeful, tailored digital experiences. When combined with other Salesforce clouds, such as Commerce Cloud (a system of record), Experience Cloud enables relevant collected data to be exposed and managed in a community. Overall, it serves as a reliable source of data across experiences, provides consistency across touchpoints, and personalizes content and the wider experience. 

Layers of Systems of Engagement, Intelligence and Record

Experience Cloud acts as the System of Engagement, while other Salesforce solutions like Commerce Cloud are the Systems of Record. The three layers work together to unlock and maximize business value.

Commerce Cloud is a customer-first ecommerce solution built on Salesforce’s CRM. It enables businesses to connect the full customer experience by sharing data on an integrated platform, using AI, innovative apps and other tools to customize commerce and power user interactions. Commerce Cloud helps both B2C and B2B businesses deliver convenient commerce, grow revenue and put customers first, but the greatest value comes when you enables these features in an innovative experience. Here are three major ways that you can amplify your ecommerce solutions with Experience Cloud.

Enable Customers to Discover, Research and Collaborate About Your Products

Extending Commerce Cloud with Experience Cloud helps businesses create new purchasing opportunities for customers and prospects. Integrating your ecommerce platform with a digital experience helps visitors discover, research and eventually buy products all in one environment. With Experience Cloud, you can offer simple self-service online, creating positive experiences that drive higher conversion rates and lower abandoned cart rates. Leverage forums and discussion posts to empower customers to collaborate with one another, share reviews and opinions about products and ultimately drive more sales.

In addition to the peer-to-peer interactions that Experience Cloud enables, the AI capabilities in your digital experience let your organization make better buying recommendations for users. Help customers discover and learn about the products that are most relevant to them based on their unique data and past behaviors. Finally, the speed and flexibility of Experience Cloud let businesses build content fast and deliver it to their commerce portals and digital storefronts. Keep your product listings fresh with easy updates, and transform customer data into personalized suggestions that enhance your Commerce Cloud solution’s results.

Streamline the Entire Transaction Process for Users

An effective commerce experience is built on two foundations: personalization and a smoother transaction flow. The AI capabilities of these Salesforce Clouds enable user data to be surfaced in Experiences for a personalized buyer journey, and the two further complement each other by streamlining buying processes. Best-in-class apps and other tools customize the commerce experience and power every transaction, and this hyper-relevance helps convert more customers. Experience Cloud empowers your company to automate processes for accurate delivery and payment, with order transparency and user support also accessible directly in your digital experience. Post-purchase interactions are further streamlined by Experience Cloud, as your customers can connect with other buyers, share experiences about your company, add reviews and submit improvements and ideas regarding your products. 

Provide Integrated Experiences for Both B2C and B2B Commerce

Extending Commerce Cloud with Experience Cloud doesn’t just enhance your consumer experiences; it also benefits your B2B Commerce solutions as well. Well-designed digital experiences make buying easier for your customers, and that’s true for your business buyers as well. You’ll remove friction and bring personalization to B2B Commerce with Experience Cloud, enabling B2B companies to get to market faster with an easy shopping-like experience. Reduce costs, save time and customize the entire experience to match your organization’s industry and branding. Leverage features specifically designed for B2B, including fast reorders, account hierarchies, contract pricing, custom catalogs and more by extending Commerce Cloud with a digital experience. Whether you need a B2C or B2B solution, you’ll launch fast, adapt and stay agile, providing integrated experiences for any user.

After investing in a Commerce Cloud implementation, your organization will unlock even more benefits by adding Experience Cloud. With a community or other digital experience, you’ll be able to complement your ecommerce solutions with more relevant data and enhance your B2B and B2C offerings. Enable various use cases related to your users’ buying processes, and provide a unified, end-to-end user journey by leveraging Experience Cloud to complement your Commerce Cloud solutions.

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