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Alexa Jimenez Feature ImageAt 7Summits, one of the things we’re most known for is our people. We’ve undergone unprecedented growth in recent years, all while continuing to foster a collaborative, employee-centric culture. Some of the employees who best embody our core values become Principals within the company, where they get to showcase their expertise and teamwork throughout the business. 

Learn more about Alexa Jimenez, a member of our Principal program who earned induction into the program in the area of Client Success.

What is your name, position and time at 7Summits?

I’m Alexa Jimenez, the Vice President of Project Management at 7Summits. I’ve been here for three and a half years, and I love being able to grow with the company!

What are some of your areas of expertise?
  • Sales Cloud (Certified)
  • Service Cloud (Certified)
  • Experience Cloud
  • New Employee Onboarding: I oversee our “7Summits 101.” This is a program that we hold on a quarterly basis for all new employees (cross-competency) to bring them up to speed on our culture, the different roles and responsibilities and our Methodology
  • Pre- and post-sales support
What types of challenges do you enjoy solving?

I would say this is two-fold. 

First off, I love bringing organization to unclear situations. For example, when a new project kicks off, you will learn the initial expectations and assumptions for what the scope, schedule and timeline of that engagement is via the Statement Of Work. While that is a great starting point, oftentimes as you go through the phases of our methodology where you help clients define and design the solution they need, some of our original assumptions can change. It is during this interim phase where I get the most joy because I am able to further harden what is actually needed in order to get the prioritized work completed. It is so satisfying to see that piece of the puzzle come together (even if it may be slightly different than what we originally thought).  

Second, I love being able to support, lead and mentor internal team members. I am a huge believer that time is the currency of leadership. In that vein, I always make time for internal check-ins and team collaboration. Often these conversations will start with someone asking for me to support them in a particular area, but by the end of our conversation, I always learn so much from them as well and I’m grateful for that two way street.

What project or work that you’ve done at 7Summits are you the most proud of?

I am proud to be an active member of our Center Of Excellence. This is a newer concept within 7Summits, but at its core the goal is to be a steward and advocate for continuous improvement as it relates to roles, methodology, training and governance. Being an inaugural member of the COE allows me to work with teammates in different competencies (that I may not otherwise get to interact with on a regular basis) to evolve what we have today so we can turn into the company that we need to be tomorrow. 

What is your favorite part about getting to work with clients on a daily basis?

Working in the consulting space is extremely unique as your clients are often changing every 3-4 months. That said, I am constantly having to take my baseline knowledge and then go learn new personalities, industry verticals and supporting technologies to come up with a holistic solution that works for a specific client. It is that constant adaptation and understanding of unique client needs that makes the job fun and that I like most!

Where do you feel you’ve made a significant impact at 7Summits? 

I’ve done a lot at 7Summits to make an impact, from helping with 7Summits 101 to being a Principal to scaling my team. One of the more specific things that has made an impact though was helping to create an internal document called “The 7Summits Way – Methodology by Work Stream.” This document is used by new and existing employees and it helps map out the activities, meetings and deliverables needed by the work stream for every phase of an implementation project. While this is still a living artifact that is updated as we mature, the original creation of it helped us have a tangible point of view for project teams to leverage as they go about their day to day.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Principal program?

It means a lot to me! Last year I had the opportunity to work closely with a few members of the Principal Program on a challenging project. 

At the highest level, we were working through tight deadlines, ever changing scope and a complex dev-ops environment. During this time I was able to see the different leadership and management techniques that our executive team leveraged to help navigate the situations thrown at us to position the 7Summits delivery team for success. I left that experience learning a bunch but also feeling grateful for having folks like that provide guidance when it was needed. Fast forward to today, I am humbled that I am trusted to be in a similar group where I can now swoop as Principal in to support projects in need while fostering unique relationships to help continue to grow our business. 

What’s one fun fact about yourself that people might not know that you’d like to share?

At one point in my life, I was actively looking for my next job but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do next. This little turning point led me to watch the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ to find “inspiration.” Lets just say after that movie I was so inspired that I immediately (literally, within 24 hours) booked a trip to Bali, Indonesia to do some soul-searching and get back to basics. During my trip, I did yoga, visited elephant sanctuaries and walked through the rice fields every morning. I came home from that trip on a Saturday feeling grounded and ready for a challenge and two days later, on Monday, January 8, 2018 started my first day at 7Summits. While it was very tempting to never want to come home, I have to say I am happy with how it all worked out. 

Alexa Jimenez

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