Apress Shares Phil Weinmeister’s 8 Tips for Presenting Remotely

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7Summits VP of Product Phil Weinmeister recently contributed a blog post as a part of Apress’ Tech During COVID-19 series. The article, titled “Crush Your Virtual Presentation: 8 Tips for Presenting Remotely,” shares guidance to enable success for both new and veteran remote workers, from maintaining an orderly workspace to specific technical suggestions. 

The blog is the latest in Apress’ recent series, in which they asked their authors “how they envision tech and workplaces changing and adapting, as well as how readers and tech enthusiasts can best maximize this time at home.” In addition to his blog post, Apress is also the publisher of Weinmeister’s books: Practical Salesforce Development Without Code and Practical Guide to Salesforce Communities.

An excerpt featuring the first four tips can be found below:

1. Create a thoughtful, distraction-free workspace

This may seem apparent to all, but I continue to see a large number of home offices that simply don’t convey an expected level of professionalism. This doesn’t mean to maintain a workspace devoid of personality or color; but it does mean that you should strive to inject some level of curated design into your workspace. Be intentional about what is visible to others and how you are presenting it. Avoid clutter, maximize brightness, and show who you are through your surroundings. The goal here is to create a warm, positive space that doesn’t distract your audience from the main content.

2. Record your presentation

A simple detail to not overlook is to make sure you record your presentation. Not only can this be a good reference for attendees, but it may provide useful for you or others down the road.

3. Handle the first few minutes smoothly

The beginning of virtual presentations aren’t always smooth. Be confident and have a command over the virtual room while attendees are joining. Welcome and engage others, but be cautious of open conversations starting to go down a lengthy path. Know when you’ve reached a quorum (or a time limit) before you kick off your presentation.

4. Show your face, with a smile and direct eye contact

Another seemingly obvious task that is not always performed is sharing webcam video. While it may be more comfortable to you to stay behind the virtual wall, showing yourself brings a presentation to life. A lot is communicated in body language and all of that goes out the window without sharing video. Also, be conscious of where you are looking. While it may be convenient to move your audience to a second monitor, this has an effect many don’t consider: you are no longer looking at your audience. Sure, they understand that you are looking at a monitor and not simply daydreaming, but much is lost when you don’t look your audience in the eyes. Oh, and smile every now and then.

The remaining four tips and the rest of the full article can be read at Apress’s site.

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