7Summits Product Enablement Bolt Wins Dreamforce Lightning Ready App Pitch Contest

7Summits, the leader in community-driven digital transformation solutions, took the top spot at the Lightning Ready App Pitch Contest during Dreamforce ‘18 with its Product Enablement Bolt. Billed by Salesforce as “Shark Tank meets Lightning,” the competition features “the most innovative [independent software vendors] ISVs who have built Lightning Ready Apps.”

Visit Salesforce.com to access the contest video recording.

Also victorious at last year’s Lightning Ready App Pitch Contest, 7Summits continues to dominate a contest geared at product-driven vendors.

“Typically the strongest AppExchange partners are ISVs, because of their sole focus on creating products,” said Paul Stillmank, CEO of 7Summits. “7Summits is a Salesforce Consulting Partner that specializes in creating and delivering digital transformation solutions. We believe that it’s only possible to do this at the highest level if we are deep experts in the platform. And being a deep expert means building our own proprietary Bolts, Apps, Flows, and Components that accelerate business value for our clients.”

Salesforce MVP and 7Summits Director of Solution Engineering, Jarrod Kingston, presented the company’s Product Enablement Bolt, which allows users to take products managed in Salesforce and rapidly expose them within a Salesforce Lightning Community for out-of-the-box ecommerce and product enablement scenarios. In short, it’s a no-code product catalog and cart for Lightning Communities that not only provides a basic merchandising offering within customer communities, but also allows for sales enablement via partner or employee communities.

The Product Enablement Bolt showcases the Salesforce Lightning platform to the extreme, utilizing individual components within Lightning Communities, Lightning Experience, and Lightning Flow. To ease delivery, it uses the relatively new Lightning Bolt Solution mechanism to package the community template, Flow, and Lightning app while only using standard Salesforce objects. Those purchasing the solution may use their own existing payment provider, or consult with 7Summits to identify a suitable online payment provider.

“Many ISVs hope to be featured in the Pitch Contest even once, as it brings significant attention to their AppExchange listing,” said Phil Weinmeister, Salesforce MVP and 7Summits Vice President of Product Development, responsible for the team that developed the Product Enablement Bolt. “Having the opportunity to feature 7Summits’ Product List component in 2017 and then passing the torch to Jarrod to present another of the team’s innovative Bolt solutions in 2018 is an exciting reflection of not just the skills of our technology and product development teams, but also of our growth as a company. Having our entries selected as the winner both times is truly outstanding and cements 7Summits’ place in Lightning development lore for years to come.”

7Summits’ suite of solution accelerators is composed of Lightning Bolts (Employee Digital Workspace Bolt, PartnerFirst Bolt, Student Engagement Bolt, Alumni Engagement Bolt, Customer Experience Bolt, and Product Enablement Bolt), Flow Actions (SlideShare and Social Engagement Pack), and dozens of Components, including: Leaderboard, Google Maps, File Loader, Events, Groups, Ideas, Members, News, Checklists, Current Weather, Social Share, Group SMS, Job Board, KB Filter, Video Gallery, LinkedIn, Partner Registration, Product Catalog, RSS/JSON Readers, Sitemap, and SmartMatch.

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