7Summits is a Proud Amplify Gold Partner at Dreamforce ‘18

7Summits, the leader in community-driven digital transformation solutions, is proud to be a Gold Partner to Amplify, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering underrepresented voices in the Salesforce.org ecosystem and those who support them to be fearless leaders in technology.

“Salesforce’s dedication to spotlighting diversity and equality in the tech industry is one of the reasons many of us are attracted to work in the ecosystem,” said Bethany Perkins, Vice President of Marketing at 7Summits. “We are humbled to have the opportunity to support a group like Amplify that is creating an organized place for everyone to have their voice heard, to find mentorship, and to promote equity practices.”

Primarily an online community based in the Power of Us Hub, Amplify brings together members, partners, and accomplices at its annual Amplify@Dreamforce breakfast to Celebrate + Build Community + Educate. This year’s breakfast will feature the Amplify Community Groups initiative, the creation of in-person community groups across the country. The purpose of these groups is to support and share knowledge among the members, allies and partners.

Amplify members are speaking on issues of Allyship and Equity in the Workplace at Dreamforce ‘18.Matt Henwood Attends Amplify Event at DreamforceAmplifying Underrepresented Voices in Tech: Be an Ally
Wednesday, September 26 3:30 p.m. at Park Central, Olympic
Co-presented by Rachel Hands, Director of Client Administration, PatronManager
Co-presented by Marisa Lopez, Director of Account Management, Presence

Thought-leaders in the tech industry have been calling out to the community to become allies to people with underrepresented voices, but what does this mean? Join this partner-led panel that will explore different techniques for being an ally to people with underrepresented voices.

Configuring Equity
Thursday, September 27 4 p.m. at Westin St. Francis, Cascade Theater
Co-presented by Lindsey Adams, Cloud Support Specialist, Playworks
Co-presented by Aparna Kothary, Director of Technology Operations at Global Citizen Year
Co-presented by Marisa Lopez, Director of Account Management, Presence

By now it’s common knowledge that diversity in organizations brings increased innovation, greater workforce loyalty, and greater fundraising potential, and yet very few nonprofits have taken on this monumental cultural shift. According to a recent survey by Glassdoor, 57% of respondents think their company should be doing more to increase diversity. Is your nonprofit leading by example? Work with members of Amplify, a nonprofit dedicated to equity in the tech industry, to build a roadmap towards greater diversity with concrete strategies to amplify underrepresented voices. By embarking on this journey, your organization will see measurable benefits and become models for creating an equitable society.

About Amplify
Since 2012, Amplify has empowered underrepresented voices, and those amazing partners and accomplices who support them, to be fearless leaders in the Salesforce.org ecosystem. We are users, administrators, developers, and consultants who are working together to improve our careers, our organizations, and our communities.

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