7Summits and MSOE Honored with Forrester Groundswell Award for Admissions Community

MILWAUKEE (Nov. 20, 2013) – Social business agency 7Summits and the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) received the 2013 Forrester Groundswell Award for their groundbreaking Admissions Community. This award is a reflection of the significant impact the Community has made on MSOE’s student enrollment and admissions processes. The transformative social community has created a strong competitive differentiator for MSOE, and is a true model for how social technologies can be effectively leveraged by higher education institutions of all sizes to enhance the admissions and enrollment experience. The Social Depth Marketing (Business-to-Consumer) award recognizes social programs that help prospects make a purchase decision. In MSOE’s case, the Admissions Community has enabled the school to reach application goals 9 months ahead of schedule while boosting tour requests and attendance at campus events.

“Making students feel like they are a part of the MSOE family before they ever set foot on campus was our overarching goal, and the vision and ideas generated by 7Summits started us on this path,” said Dana Grennier, Director of Digital Marketing for MSOE. “It is amazing that we have come so far so quickly. We are proud of the work we put into the project, but most importantly, we are thrilled that we have connected with our students, alumni, faculty and staff on such a deep level.

The 2013 Forrester Groundswell awards align with Forrester’s Marketing RaDaR model and reflect the impact strategic social applications can have on businesses and other institutions. The MSOE and 7Summits project aligns with the model’s focus on how social communities can crystallize the discovery process for consumers and add depth to B2C relationships. The two organizations collaborated to build a transformative solution that not only has driven significant business results for MSOE, but also sets a high standard for other institutions that are looking to achieve similar gains through social technology.

“This award recognizes MSOE’s willingness to step outside their comfort zone to surpass their business goals,”said James Davidson, Vice President of Digital and Community Strategy for 7Summits. “While every institution is different, the high standards set by the MSOE community can easily be adapted to address similar gaps and opportunities for other schools. The MSOE Admissions Community just scratches the surface of what’s possible, and 7Summits’ expertise and innovative technologies will drive continued change in the higher education sphere.”

To learn more about 7Summits’ higher education communities and development capabilities, contact the team at 1-866-SHERPAS.

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