7Summits, an IBM Company

An Open Letter from Paul Stillmank

7Summits, an IBM Company

Paul Stillmank, Founder & CEOThis is a moment that’s been more than 12 years in the making. I share my story often, but it bears repeating. More than a decade ago, I had a eureka moment. I saw a world being shaped by social. I just knew that everything would change once the social constructs amplified by new media swept through popular culture. 

I recall a day when 7Summits was in a small office in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. There, RJ Reimers and I were assembling our furniture by hand as we prepared to greet our first employees and customers. We were resolute that 7Summits was going to be something special. We had no doubt that we would deliver our mission: “to create online community experiences that transform businesses and enhance people’s lives.” 

And now, all these years later, I can say with pride that we’ve lived up to that; we’ve “enabled your customers, partners and employees to build your company for you” because we believe deeply in our purpose: “unleashing people’s potential to create, compete and innovate in entirely new ways.” 

Our journey has taken us from the early days of having to convince people that social was for business to an undisputed leader in delivering intelligent digital experiences that unlock business value.  

We are a thriving, growing, innovative, culture-driven company. And like most companies that fit that description, we’d reached a fork in the trail. We knew we would move forward, but we had options of how challenging we wanted the climb to be. We decided to take the steepest ascent, which allows us to spread our mission even further; help more and larger companies around the world use collaboration and automation to delight their audiences.

I want to echo the thoughts of my new friend Al Jenkins, but from my own point of view. By joining IBM Global Business Services, 7Summits will now be able to provide our clients with more expansive:

1. End-to-End Capabilities needed to define, design and build sophisticated experiences, leveraging the breadth and depth of the Salesforce platform, including all Salesforce Clouds and products such as Digital 360, Work.com, Tableau, MuleSoft and Slack.

2. Industry Expertise by bringing a deep understanding of key industry verticals and the audiences they engage.

3. Audience-Centric Focus by leveraging IBM’s data, AI and machine learning capabilities. Together we will create personalized connections for all audiences – customers, employees and partners – to help organizations thrive in an increasingly virtual world.

As the founder and leader of this awesome 7Summits family, it is even more important to me that IBM is a good fit for our people. Our mission to “enhance people’s lives” is about our employees as well. That cultural match with IBM is real and runs very deep. I felt it from our very first discussions: there is an undeniable, cultural synergy. We speak the same language, we have the same values and we desire the same outcomes. Our Sherpas will have expanded opportunities for professional growth and career development, and our families will be better served by all of the benefits that come with now also being an IBMer – and that’s pretty awesome!

This is a tremendous coming together of two companies with a singular focus on changing the world. 7Summits is excited to offer the full range of Salesforce cloud-based solutions. We are excited to extend our leading Lightning Libraries with deep industry expertise. We are excited to leverage AI, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing to delight audiences and drive more impactful business outcomes. We are excited to be part of a company that is the true leader in digital strategy and design thinking. I invite you all to join us in this next evolution so that you can tell equally great stories about your accomplishments and careers another 12 years from now. 🙂

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