7 Tips to Increase Your Return on Experience (ROX)

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It’s time for businesses to take traditional ROI calculations a step further. We’ve already walked you through an introduction to Return on Experience and how to start measuring it. Now discover tips, tricks and actionable advice for maximizing the ROX you get from your digital experiences.

Watch 7Summits’ digital experience experts in this 30-minute webinar that highlights:

  • The 7 steps you can take to increase your Return on Experience
  • User behaviors and magic moments that drive the most return
  • Benchmarks to compare your own returns against industry best practices

The ROX calculation captures the short- and long-term business impacts of your digital experiences. The steps we’ll cover help you identify opportunities to understand your users and maximize your business’s returns.

Webinar Presenters

Ben Kerford, 7Summits Senior Vice President of Business Consulting

David Blue, 7Summits Executive Vice President of Sales & Alliances

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