Milwaukee Business Journal Celebrates 7Summits’ 10 Year Anniversary

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The Milwaukee Business Journal recently recognized 7Summits’ 10 year anniversary, featuring the company in its July 12 edition alongside other local organizations. The celebration of 7Summits’ first decade comes as the consultancy reaches new milestones for growth and innovation in 2019, with no signs of slowing down.

The article nods to the company’s history, highlighting CEO Paul Stillmank’s ambitious vision that positioned 7Summits as a trailblazer in delivering business value through online communities. Ten years later, 7Summits is poised to continue on its upward trajectory and remain a cutting edge creator of digital experiences.

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7Summits Celebrates a Decade of Digital Transformation Excellence

Ten years ago, Paul Stillmank had a vision that the advent of social media would fundamentally change the business landscape. Grounded in that belief, he founded 7Summits to be a trailblazer in delivering business value through online communities. 

A decade later, 7Summits has stayed true to its founding principles while elevating itself and its clients to new heights. From the beginning, they have prioritized people, creating cutting edge experiences that empower, unleash and enable those who use their solutions.

Ten years in, 7Summits has sustained its position as a groundbreaking consultant while situating itself at the forefront of community experience design.

7Summits combines strategic consulting, deep technical expertise and user-centered design to accomplish its mission “to create online community experiences that transform businesses and enhance people’s lives.” Their cross-disciplinary approach has guided them over the past decade, culminating in unprecedented levels of growth and innovation in 2019. The company is growing at a pace in excess of 40% this year, and their digital experiences are bringing people, systems and data together in new and exciting ways. 7Summits quickly achieved Platinum Partner status with Salesforce, and has won dozens of awards for their solutions, growth and being a top workplace.

7Summits 10 Year Anniversary GraphicHowever, despite being an industry leader from the very beginning and continuously solidifying that position, 7Summits refuses to let any complacency take hold. They are constantly looking for ways to move forward and implement groundbreaking solutions, leveraging the latest and most innovative tools in all of their digital experiences. 7Summits’ point-of-view and newly emerging capabilities will leverage artificial intelligence to push the boundaries of what’s possible when automation thinking meets collaboration in online communities.

A major part of that success can be attributed to the expertise of their employees. 7Summits regularly adds to their talent pool from across the country, but always recruits from the Milwaukee area as well, positioning them to continue on their upward trajectory while remaining a valuable member of the local community. The organization has built a collaborative culture in which its members embrace core values like Passion, Working Socially and putting Customer Value First.

The innovative model and focused experience that 7Summits has had throughout its history have helped the company reach new peaks. But their climb is just getting started! They will continue setting the standard for what transformative solutions can be while expanding what it means to provide personalized, hyper-relevant, data-driven experiences. In doing so, 7Summits will achieve its purpose of unleashing people’s potential to create, compete and innovate in entirely new ways.

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