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Now available for Salesforce Community Builder and the Lightning Bolt framework.

PartnerFirst enables channel managers and partners to engage more effectively and in real-time with collaborative deal rooms, personalized dashboards that surface actionable insights, streamlined on-boarding, and deal registration—all from a single consolidated solution.

  • Accelerate partner onboarding
  • Manage certifications and training
  • Optimize lead distribution and management
  • Streamline deal registration
  • Deal Rooms for Collaboration
  • Sales / channel enablement content
  • Manage MDF
  • Track and optimize partner performance


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Vibrant partner communities can be the critical difference between sales growth that just hits the mark and growth that exceeds expectations. But effectively managing a partner network can be both challenging and costly, creating frustrations for both channel managers as well as their partners. Most legacy, portal-based partner solutions fail to address this management complexity because they are based on a 1:1 transactional model.

7Summits PartnerFirst solution is different. Built from the ground up with communities and engagement at its core, PartnerFirst establishes a new paradigm – one that simplifies channel management – delivering where traditional solutions fall short.

Leveraging the power and scalability of Salesforce Community Cloud and Lightning Bolt, 7Summits PartnerFirst is the first quick-start partner community and channel management solution to get your partner program up and running, fast and at a price that won’t break your budget.

Let 7Summits jump-start your Partner Community:

Using our online tools for channel partner management helps you stay in lock-step with your partner network, saving time and money. Getting the best prices from your supplier and knowing instantly when market conditions are about to change is something only the most connected businesses can brag about. With increased visibility into your partner operations, you can bet on more large scale efficiencies and less oversight.

  • Personalized dashboards for both partners and partner managers, surfacing actionable insights, making partners more effective contributors.
  • Consolidated disparate processes, which reduces new partner friction and gets partners up and running, and contributing to the bottom-line faster than traditional approaches.
  • Private deal rooms for more effective deal collaboration and increased overall engagement between channel managers and their partners.
  • Improved deal registration, making it easier than ever to have partners bring in new deals, and get the help they need to close deals faster.

“PartnerFirst helps companies and their partners work better together. We’ve taken friction out of the partner channel workflows and have unified tools and resources under one personalized easy to use experience to help partners and channel managers succeed. PartnerFirst will help companies and their partners achieve great things together.”

Paul Stillmank, CEO, 7Summits

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Our partner relationship software extends the powerful features of Salesforce Community Cloud with audience specific extensions to enhance the brand experience for partners, and improves efficiency and collaboration within your organization.

Great out-of-the-box experience means you can launch your community quickly.


Integrate PartnerFirst with your enterprise systems.

Connect with your Salesforce ecosystem for endless possibilities.

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