If we interviewed your users, what would they tell us about interacting with your business? Would they say it is seamless or fraught with friction?  

As a high tech company, you’re tasked with balancing innovative, modern and exciting capabilities with making it easy for partners to do business with you. There are simple things you can do to increase innovation and improve the experience of your partners and other audiences–regardless of whether you call them distributors, developers, dealers, agents, resellers or something else entirely. By simplifying touchpoints and using the data at your disposal, you’ll maximize business value and build an industry-leading partner network.

Onboard Partners 

Incentivize users to independently interact with your organization. Personalized onboarding flows help your partners quickly follow relevant topics and groups to get off to a strong start, and gamifying your digital experience rewards users for engaging in behaviors that drive your business forward and keeps them coming back.


Your partners will have what they need and avoid needless frustration that can lead to abandonment or under-utilization.

Train Partners Efficiently

Enable your partners to sell more effectively by ensuring they’re always up to date with learning and product knowledge. Promote required and recommended training materials directly in your digital experience, and alert your users when new resources or updates are available for them to access.


Your users will improve their performance when a consolidated experience contains all of the materials they need to succeed.

Stay Up to Date on News & Updates

Align partners with your latest and greatest offerings or advancements so your message stays fresh in the market. From formal learning paths to informal knowledge sharing between experts, serve required learning, product advancements or company updates.


Your partners will never be left without the most relevant details to drive their success.

Create Community with Groups

Curate a social environment where your users engage with one another to troubleshoot, share feedback and build reputations as brand advocates. And when they collaborate in your experience, you own the conversations, which lets you innovate based on their interactions.


Your users get information and drive relationships with each other and your company in a unified space.

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Find Answers & Solve Problems

Offer users many opportunities for self-service and support. Searchable knowledge bases, FAQs, group discussions, ask-an-expert functionality and chatbots let your users find answers to their questions when it is most convenient for them.


Your users don’t have to wait for manual support from you to find what they’re seeking.

Enable Ideation

Allow partners to submit their own ideas to enhance your products or services. You’ll transform your business and be better prepared to embrace innovation directly from your users by crowdsourcing ideas. An experience lets your users publish, collaborate and vote on the ideas that matter most to them.


Your users will have the opportunity to suggest product and service enhancements based on their own experiences.

Improve Deal Registration

Support your sellers and other partners throughout the entire buying lifecycle by transparently surfacing dashboards and other analytics in your experience. They’ll reach revenue goals with personalized funnel dashboards and simplified deal registration processes that give them access to the insights they need to succeed.


Your users will easily track deals, monitor the pipeline and access dashboards with other info that helps them drive revenue.

Enable Completion of Certifications

Ready partners to prove their expertise by amassing certifications and showcasing them as badges of honor. Show their progress against required and recommended programs and provide them with materials to knock those exams out quickly. Alerts and reminders ensure nothing is missed along the way.


Your partners will appreciate a one-stop resource shop that helps them complete and maintain certifications.

Help Track & Measure Performance

Give partners transparency into pipelines and program statuses with personalized deal dashboards. Serve key sales performance and KPI measurement in a single view. Provide your channel with more data-powered insights into how and where to generate more opportunities for your business.


Your partners will be empowered with actionable insights that drive more, larger deals to close faster.

Access Insights for Improvement

Educate partners on the industry and your place in it with resources and knowledge articles. Allow them to access fresh content on new techniques at the time and in the format most convenient for them. They’ll learn from the latest insights and information and you’ll reap the benefits of their enhanced understanding.


Your partners will have on-demand resources pinned directly in their personalized experience.

Boost Employee Productivity

Make it easy to work with you by making it easy to work for you. A digital experience gives your employees everything they need to do great work that gets results. Forums and directories let your people share knowledge and best practices with each other, which increases productivity,  accelerates time to market and fosters a strong culture.


Your users will have access to resources and colleagues in a consolidated space, keeping them productive and focused on their goals.

Create Brand Advocates

Add features that boost user satisfaction and turn trial engagers into lifelong brand advocates. With automation, personalization and other user-friendly functionality, your developers will easily interact with one another and share knowledge in the experience–getting rewards they desire for interactions that improve their ongoing experience.


Your users will create a true community surrounding your brand and quickly establish reputations as experts within your experience.

Making it easy for your customers to do business with you makes business sense.

Now that you’ve seen the numerous ways a digital experiences streamlines journeys for your partners and other users, it’s time to begin your own implementation.

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