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Forward-thinking healthcare providers are leveraging HIPAA compliant online communities to revolutionize the way care is delivered.

We’ve helped healthcare organizations:
  • Foster engagement and collaboration between physicians and nurses
  • Onboard new employees up to three times faster
  • Boost clinician efficiency by 30%
  • Enabled collaboration across networks of doctors, specialists and caregivers

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Physician Communities

Open up communication channels between staff and improve patient outcomes. Physician communities provide:

  • Seamless communication between administration and physicians
  • Collaboration among clinicians
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Improved value for patients

Member Communities

Create a personalized, educational customer experience to attract new members. Member communities can:

  • Engage and attract new members
  • Automate enrollment and claims handling
  • Help to anticipate customer needs
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve messaging

Patient Communities

Boost patient satisfaction, education and support in a HIPPA compliant setting. Patient communities provide:

  • Access to health information
  • A place to interact with clinicians
  • A way to explore services
  • Peer-to-peer engagement
  • A personalized experience

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Featured Case Study : Aurora Healthcare

Ragan 2013 Employee Communications Award: Best Intranet Design

Story & Challenge

Aurora Health Care is an integrated health care provider with more than 30,000 caregivers on staff, countless informational documents and over 200 web applications. Aurora identified the need for a comprehensive caregiver portal (“Caregiver Connect”) that would house resources, simplify the process of finding and using web applications, facilitate collaboration between caregivers and support Aurora’s overall purpose – to help people live well.

Strategy & Solution

As part of this ongoing multi-phase project, 7Summits designed a comprehensive homepage with a clean, restructured interface. The new homepage uses engaging formats such as videos and social components in a more effective way than before. 7Summits’ design and information architecture work on the homepage earned Aurora Health Care a Ragan 2013 Employee Communications Award for Best Intranet Design. The award announcement lauded Caregiver Connect for its on-brand visual content, people-focused written content, highly organized user experience and interactivity.

About Aurora Healthcare

Aurora Health Care is a not-for-profit health care system headquartered in Milwaukee and serving eastern Wisconsin. The system has 15 hospitals, more than 150 clinics, and 70 pharmacies.

They are committed to connecting over 30,000 caregivers and synchronizing more than 200 digital applications with the help of a multi-phase digital community project. Exciting work continues as Aurora follows its mission of providing the best possible care.

“7Summits had the battle scars, not just the philosophy. Their extensive experience and expertise in social intranet strategy and activation is what ultimately led us to choose them for the project, and we’ve been very pleased with their work. We’ve worked with the same team throughout the project, which is critical. We made the right choice in selecting 7Summits.”

– Jamey Shiels, Senior Digital Transformation Leader, Aurora Health Care

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