7Summits Services User Experience and Design

Exceptional user experiences happen by design

People align to products and services based on the quality of the experiences they have with them. At 7Summits, experience design isn’t simply about making things look great, it’s about making the experience more relevant, effective and engaging for your users, thereby driving success for your organization and brand.

Audience Insights

The key to building meaningful experiences is understanding user motivations and behaviors. Research like this sits at the core of all experience design decisions. To help you uncover practical insights about your users and identify opportunities for optimization, we use primary and secondary research techniques. These techniques help to humanize experience and design decisions. Based on in-depth analysis of current user interactions, our teams help you to identify opportunities for true innovation. Through an iterative approach, we work with you to evaluate and execute on user feedback to truly create relevant and meaningful experiences.

Journey Mapping and Service Design

When your community needs to address complex multi-step or multi-channel process like transactions or workflows, Journey Mapping and Service Design can be an effective way of identifying the specific requirements and content to make that an effective experience.

The 7Summits approach to journey mapping and service design exercises help create a cohesive look into the existing experience and understand what a typical user is going through within your brand’s ecosystem. Your stakeholders join our team in collaborative journey mapping and service design workshops to identify opportunities for user experience optimization across a given channel or touchpoint.

User Experience Design

At 7Summits, user experience design focuses on developing the right solution for your users starting with defining the experience strategy. With our iterative design approach, we work in collaboration with you to delight users with the right experience which delivers measurable results for the organization. Our solutions, validated with end-users at every step of the way, range from high-level concepts to high-fidelity prototypes.

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