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Configuration, Custom Development, Integrations, and Migrations.

Technology brings big ideas to life

At 7Summits, our products, strategies and user experience is backed by an exemplary technical team. Our technologists have decades experience across a breadth of technical stacks, seasoned by creating some of the most complex and connected community projects in the world. This gives 7Summits the ability to approach any business challenge you can bring with solid architecture, and deep development and deployment chops.

Community Configuration and Custom Development

Our technologists are all experts in their field. We have depth of experience, knowledge, and most importantly, we are passionate about bringing the most appropriate solutions to our clients. Collectively, we have hundreds of years of experience in many technologies. We are uniquely positioned to choose the best technologies to assure that our customers and clients have a technical implementation that meets their strategic and tactical goals.


It is often advantageous to bring your enterprise data into your community, to enable collaborative decision making through socialization of business processes, or integrate with other legacy enterprise platforms. At 7Summits, we are experts at the technical implementation of linking community with enterprise systems through standards based APIs as well as custom developed solution.

Platform Migration

Need to move your stuff? We have experience moving community content and data across a wide variety of platforms using ETL tools as well as custom developed processes. We make sure your re-platforming focuses on keeping your content contextually viable, usable and searchable. 7Summits has migrated communities from Jive, Lithium, Sharepoint, and even legacy Visualforce communities to Salesforce Communities and Lightning.

Learn more about 7Summits Migration Factory community migration tool.

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