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7Summits is best known for experience-driven communities, but we do so much more. We pair vast expertise in configuration and development with a robust library of Accelerators to help you unlock true business value.

Configuration & Development

Our solutions are built by an exemplary technical team, made up of people who have created some of the most connected communities in the world. We were at the forefront of Salesforce Lightning. And with the introduction of Lightning Web Components, 7Summits is again leading the way.

7Summits Accelerator Library

7Summits is more than your average Salesforce consultancy. Using vast experience and best practices, we leverage the platform to craft exceptional solutions that enable speed-to-market and de-risk projects. Our proprietary Accelerators extend Salesforce’s ability to deliver user-centered experiences.

7Summits is a Lightning Accredited AppExchange Partner

We maintain a growing suite of Community Lightning Bolts, Apps, Components and Flow Actions for you to use to enhance your Lightning Experience or Community Cloud instance. Search for us on the Salesforce AppExchange to find pre-built digital solutions that will transform your business!

But Our Expertise is Far More Extensive

The Salesforce AppExchange contains a small selection of our Accelerators. We have a wide variety of Accelerators exclusively available to our clients that will empower your customers, unleash your employees, enable your partners and transform your business!


7Summits Bolts are community templates that jump start your ability to create engaging communities. We’ve crafted and perfected these Accelerators with the most popular features and use cases in mind to create business value and enhance the user experience.

7Summits Employee Digital Workspace Icon

Employee Digital Workspace

Unleash your employees by enabling collaboration and improving productivity. Put the information and systems they need in one user-friendly experience.

7Summits PartnerFirst Lightning Bolt Icon


Enable partners to drive sales with access to knowledge articles, collaborative deal rooms and personalized dashboards that surface actionable insights.

7Summits Customer Experience Accelerator Lightning Bolt

Customer Experience Accelerator

Empower customers through self-service, deepen engagement, achieve support deflection, encourage brand advocacy, increase purchase amount, and more.

7Summits Manufacturing Partner Experience Accelerator Lightning Bolt

Manufacturing Partner Experience Accelerator 

Activate your distributors and resellers to learn, sell and service your products. Unlock the value of centralized transparency, enablement and collaboration.

7Summits Community Migration Accelerator Lightning Bolt icon

Community Migration Accelerator

Simplify the transition from a legacy community platform to Community Cloud. Migrate from: Khoros (Lithium), Jive, SharePoint, Open Source, IBM Connections, etc.

7Summits Product Enablement Lightning Bolt icon

Digital Storefront 

A drag ‘n drop product catalog & cart solution for Lightning Experience and Lightning Communities that leverages only standard objects.

7Summits Student Success Accelerator Lightning Bolt icon

Student Success Accelerator

As a step to your Connected Campus Vision, strengthen engagement and improve the experience for students with peers, faculty and the institution overall.

7Summits Alumni Engagement Accelerator Lightning Bolt icon

Alumni Engagement Accelerator

Built mobile-first, implement a scalable, fully branded foundation upon which the alumni experience can be continuously enhanced and modernized.

7Summits Alumni Careers Accelerator Lightning Bolt icon

Alumni Careers Accelerator

Deepen your Alumni community experience with the Alumni Engagement Accelerator, plus mentor/mentee matching and job board functionalities.


Take advantage of automation to expedite your business processes with 7Summits Flow Solutions. From social engagement to questionnaires, let our flow templates guide your users through efficient, effective experiences!

7Summits SlideShare Presentation Flow Action icon

SlideShare Presentation

Serve up and share great learning content hosted on SlideShare with users.

7Summits Questionnaire Form Flow Action icon

Questionnaire Form

Create and complete highly configurable forms. Responses are captured, organized and automatically linked.

7Summits Social Engagement Pack Flow Action icon

Social Engagement Pack

Combine the power of your community membership and Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram social followers.

7Summits Profile Wizard Flow Action icon

Profile Wizard

Guide users through a step-by-step experience for creating, completing and updating their profile.


7Summits Ideas App icon


Empower members to publish, collaborate and vote on great ideas. Get actionable feedback and transform your business!

7Summits Learning Adventure App icon

Learning Adventure

Build an interactive learning journey by leveraging highly configurable settings to support multiple journeys.

7Summits Member Onboarding App icon

Community Member Onboarding

Increase adoption with an up to seven-step onboarding experience for new members of your community.

7Summits SmartMatch App icon


Create perfect pairings by looking at relationships between any two objects.


7Summits Knowledge Base Filter App icon

Knowledge Base Filter

Reduce support inquiries by enabling self-service to members on any community page.

7Summits File Uploader App icon

File Uploader

Delight members with a more intuitive and flexible file uploading interface.

7Summits Image Gallery App icon

Image Gallery

Amplify your brand identity with customizable image carousels.

7Summits RSS and JSON Reader apps icon

RSS and JSON Readers

Increase integration possibilities to create a one-stop experience in your community.

7Summits Sitemap App icon


Automatically create an XML sitemap to increase SEO rankings by being indexed by search engines.

7Summits Announcements App icon


Increase user awareness and engagement by sharing critical alerts with your users.

7Summits Member Director App icon

Member Directory

Encourage connection with transparency to individual members, including featured members.

7Summits Groups App icon


Invite collaboration by enabling members to form public or private groups.

7Summits Events App icon


Drive advocacy through event registration and participation.

7Summits Leaderboard Plus App icon

Leaderboard Plus

Engage and reward your members with enhanced gamification.

7Summits Metrics App icon


Showcase one or more statistics or accomplishments in your community experience.

7Summits Video Gallery App icon

Video Gallery

Feature dynamic video content from YouTube Users, Channels and Playlists and Vimeo Channels.

7Summits Facebook Featured Post and Feed Apps icon

Facebook Featured Post & Feed

Maximize content creation and boost social interactions with one simple solution.

7Summits Instagram Featured Post App icon

Instagram Featured Post

Brighten your community with image and video content from the leading visual social platform.

7Summits LinkedIn Featured Post App icon

LinkedIn Featured Post

Integrate your business social platform with your community to drive greater engagement.

7Summits Twitter Feed App icon

Twitter Feed

Increase RTs! Integrate the curated Twitterverse into your community experience.

7Summits Page Info App icon

Page Info

Guide users with context into the purpose of pages or sites.

7Summits Guide Me App icon

Guide Me

Get users going quickly using visual instructions at any point in their experience.

7Summits Contact Us App icon

Contact Us

Provide easy access to your organization’s or an individual’s contact details.

7Summits Social Share App icon

Social Share

Expand the reach of your community content by enabling social sharing.

7Summits Audio Player App icon

Audio Player

Add podcasts, music tracks or other audio files to your community experience.

7Summits SoundCloud Player App icon

SoundCloud Player

Embed any audio file hosted on SoundCloud for easy access by community members.

7Summits Current Weather App icon

Current Weather

Increase affinity with personalized touches like the weather at the member location or a key geography.

7Summits Google Maps App icon

Google Maps

Display the location or route to an address to maximize your local presence or ease travel woes.

7Summits News App icon


Increase engagement by publishing relevant or interesting content in the form of blog posts.

7Summits Job Board App icon

Job Board

Attract and engage your next great hire or provide opportunities for others to level-up.

7Summits Product Catalog App icon

Product Catalog

Improve your audience’s search experience and increase average total sale.

7Summits Google Calendar App icon

Google Calendar

Integrate individual or shared calendars directly into your community or LEX experience.

7Summits Trello Connect App icon

Trello Connect

Integrate an interactive Trello project management experience to benefit your members.


7Summits Packs consist of dozens of ready-to-use user-experience-focused components that maximize your investment in Salesforce Community Cloud. Each Pack represents more than 1,000 original development hours, available to you as a single install. The functionality supports a variety of use cases, and the components can be modified, rearranged and reassembled to meet individual business needs.

7Summits Expedition Pack icon

Expedition Pack

7Summits Expedition Pack Plus icon

Expedition Pack Plus

7Summits Summit Pack icon

Summit Pack

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