7Summits and SalesforceUnlocking Business Value
with Community Solutions

Empower Customers | Enable Partners | Unleash Employees

Community-driven Digital Transformations

A Salesforce Platinum-level Consulting Partner, our proven approach combines strategic consulting, user-centered experience design, and deep technical expertise to improve clients’ business processes through collaboration and automation.

Strategic Consulting

We begin with journey mapping to identify friction points and satisfiers, and advise through change management, ensuring the success and longevity of the solution.

User-centered Experience Design

Our solutions focus on creating easy, intuitive, and delightful experiences for audiences as the true value creator. To us, the technology platform is an enabler.

Technical Expertise & Accelerators

Pulling from our vast library of pre-built, unmanaged Bolts, Apps, Flows and Components, configured by our certified experts, results in faster time to market and reduced risk.

Customer Success

To ensure your solution’s continued success and longevity, we offer a proactive partnership for ongoing managed services that supplement your in-house skills.



Unlocking Business Value with 7Summits

Connect your customers, partners and employees. Together, they’ll build your business for you.

Empower Customers

Brands that prioritize great customer experiences take more market share, reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction. Delivering those great experiences is more effective and and less expensive with communities.

Enable Partners

Resellers, distributors and partners need easy access to processes, tools, and data to drive more revenue. A community enables you to create and share leads and intelligently mature them into opportunities.

Unleash Employees

Your most valuable asset is your employees. To keep them focused on key business drivers, they need the freedom to work in the modern world. Communities unleash their access to information, collaboration and learning to drive productivity.

Thank you for another successful Dreamforce!

Thanks to everyone who connected with us at Dreamforce to discuss digital transformations, network, or simply say hello! From taking home a coveted Bolty Award to being featured in the Digital Experience Keynote, there was a lot for 7Summits to celebrate at Dreamforce ’19.

We continue our leadership in the Salesforce ecosystem by participating in various client and thought leader presentations. If you were unable to attend these sessions live at Dreamforce, be sure to check out all of our available resources to learn how 7Summits will help your customers, partners and employees build your business for you!

Access overviews and recordings from all of our Dreamforce 2019 sessions here.

Highlights and recordings from Dreamforce 2018 can be found here.

And be sure to visit 7summitsinc.com/resources to access all of the blogs, webinars, whitepapers, and more that will guide you on your digital transformation journey!