Jive Community Platform Peak Framework by 7Summits

Simply the most robust and professional custom applications anywhere on the market

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Develop Jive add-ons quicker than ever before.

Peak Framework for Jive is designed to build Jive add-ons and integrate more features into your Jive community more efficiently than ever before. With Peak Framework your development time can be reduced by up to 40% by simplifying Jive add-on development for custom business solutions with fast and easy data integration.

Consider Peak Framework if your organization is ready to:

    • Add new business processes
    • Quickly build-out a new community framework
    • Integrate third-party applications into your Jive community
    • Add social functionality within your community such as user commenting, liking and sharing
    • Migrate data from other platforms like Sharepoint or Salesforce
    • Integrate more features in your Jive community with increased quality and decreased costs
    • Replace plug-ins with upgrade safe add-ons

Peak Framework Features

      • A rich testing environment and streamlined configuration. This means your custom Jive community launches faster and more affordably than ever before.
      • The project setup wizard and code templates reduce solution delivery hours
      • Increased solution quality through use of pre-tested artifacts built with the latest technologies such as Spring, Hibernate and AngularJS
      • Enhanced solution feature set
      • Managed intellectual property and content
      • Secure and authenticated communication between the Jive instance and a Jive Add-On


Get the applications you need faster. The functionality of the framework adds efficiencies to every aspect of software development, allowing 7Summits to complete your business solution quicker than anyone else.


Efficient and fast development means less billable hours. Building your custom software on a powerful framework saves developers hours of project setup and code testing in order to concentrate more effort on strategy and user experience.


Peak Framework allows 7Summits to build the most robust, professionally tuned business apps on the market. Having developed application software that is deeper use applications and more powerful than the competitors’, our unique community features deliver a more custom brand solution.

Enhance your Jive Community with 7Summits Peak Framework.