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CoreConnect for Partners leverages Salesforce Communities to help you achieve optimum performance with your partners.

Our partner relationship management software helps manage your partner relationships and indirect sales channels in ways that traditional partner portal solutions cannot.

  • Improve partner onboarding and training
  • Provide product and collateral knowledge base
  • Streamline deal registration and deal collaboration
  • Optimize lead distribution and management
  • Track and optimize partner performance
  • Provide partner enablement tools and resources
  • Manage lead distribution

Help partners sell better

Increase lead conversion and win rates

Our PRM software gives your partners the tools necessary to close leads with product resources and knowledge bases, sales and marketing collateral, and training resources that are essential to help them drive your business.

With access to real-time data, updates and remote file sharing from anywhere, communication is timely and accurate. With complete mobile compatibility, your entire team will never be far away from the resources they need.


  • Translate data quickly into useful reports
  • Share instantly with anyone, anywhere
  • Less email traffic
  • Quickly and easily register partner deals



Onboard partners more effectively

Using our online tools for channel partner management helps you stay in lock-step with your partner network, saving time and money. Getting the best prices from your supplier and knowing instantly when market conditions are about to change is something only the most connected businesses can brag about. With increased visibility into your partner operations, you can bet on more large scale efficiencies and less oversight.

  • Weekly partner updates in the community
  • A shared calendar for long term coordination
  • Keep all files and correspondence centrally located

Powerful Product Features

Partner Support and Self-Service

Reduce email volume and administrative costs by sharing all resources in one, easy to search location.

Deal Registration

Partners can easily register their deals online, and you can manage approval workflows, collaborate, and forecast for your channel programs.

News & Blogs

Create a media rich library of online help, guides, how-to videos, and articles. User generated content also boosts SEO.

Groups & Discussion

Find and follow key people, join groups for discussion and share files publicly or privately.

Channel Management

Easy content approval and deal management processes effortlessly increase workflow.

Custom Branding and UX

Quickly and easily personalize the branding and user experience by changing colors, fonts and widgets.

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Our partner relationship software extends the powerful features of Salesforce Community Cloud with audience specific extensions to enhance the brand experience for partners, and improves efficiency and collaboration within your organization.

Great out-of-the-box experience means you can launch your community quickly.


Manage and schedule content easily with front-end content management.

Integrate CoreConnect with your enterprise systems.

Connect with your Salesforce ecosystem for endless possibilities.

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