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Graduation should not mean goodbye

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Foster long lasting relationships with an alumni community

Bringing alumni together in a curated and branded space fosters a sense of loyalty and keeps alumni engaged long after they have graduated.

AlumniConnect facilitates:

  • Professional networking
  • Career development opportunities
  • Event planning and promoting
  • School news and developments

Stronger connections means more successful graduates

Increase the value of your institution’s diploma by setting graduates up for success. Connecting successful alumni to graduating students helps:

  • Improve institutional reputation
  • Increase employment rate of recent grads
  • Foster a community of committed alumni

Increase referrals and donations

With the powerful features integrated within AlumniConnect, your development team can direct fundraising activities where they’re most effective.

Powerful Product Features

Peer-to-peer Support

Boost the effectiveness of current alumni channels by allowing an easier way to connect and offer professional support.

News & Blogs

Create, moderate and promote content with news and blog features.  Easily control the flow of content.

Robust Knowledgebase

Create a library of online help, guides, how-to videos, and articles. User generated content can also increase SEO. Comment on posts from users and generate conversation.

Groups and Discussions

Find and follow interesting people, participate in discussion forums or share files publicly or privately.

People Directory & Filtering

Enhanced profiles make powerful search options and filtering features more effective.

Custom Branding and UX

Easily personalize the branding and user experience by changing colors, fonts and widgets.

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Give your alumni a reason to reconnect.

An active alumni population is the hallmark of a successful school. Re-engage your alumni and invigorate your graduates.