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Engage Your Employees And Improve Productivity

82% Of Employees Crave Engagement At Work

Discover the power of a connected workforce. Engage your employees with in-depth profiles and discussion groups. Empower them to “follow” interests, initiate projects, and participate in the culture of your business.

Organizations With Employee Communities See

  • 25% Increase in employee productivity
  • 31% Drop in the number of meetings
  • An additional 31% drop in the volume of emails
  • Simplified employee onboarding

Attract And Retain Top Talent

Recognizing untapped potential and championing the accomplishments of your most skilled employees is essential for keeping them invested in your company’s success.

Employees Want To Be Connected And Committed:

  • 79% Say relationships with co-workers are key
  • 74% Say opportunities to develop skills and abilities
  • 76% Say general contribution to team goals*

Source: Society for HR Management

Optimize Your Enterprise Knowledge Base

Organize and manage content faster than ever using a singular social community as a hub for corporate documents, then use community to generate, collaborate, share and discuss documents without time-consuming meetings.

  • Locate information quickly
  • Tap into experts
  • Foster organization alignment
  • Resolve questions quickly

Powerful Features


Each user feed is customizable. Employees can create their own in-depth profile and follow their interests, important projects, and people.

Business Integration

Increase efficiency by syncing existing systems, apps, and data. Enable members to discuss and access files from anywhere.

Powerful Search

Boost productivity by 43% with intuitive search features. Search for vital documents and communications faster than scouring a shared drive or email.

Groups & Discussions

Members can create task and project-specific groups to proactively solve problems and gather insight. More communication means more ideas.

Top Security

Security is a top concern for any organization. We ensure your files are completely secure and always accessible.

News & Blogs

Create, moderate, and promote content for every category of user. Control the flow of content across your entire enterprise.

My Links

Customize user home pages with the My Links section to provide quick access to the most used, internal and external, resources and web pages.

Custom Branding and UX

Easily personalize the branding and user experience of your community by changing colors, fonts, and widgets. Even a pre-built option acts like custom solution.

Powered by Salesforce. Perfected by 7Summits.

Customer Communities by 7Summits extend the powerful features of Salesforce Community Cloud with audience-specific extensions to enhance the brand experience for customers and partners and improves efficiency and collaboration within your organization.

Great out-of-the-box experience means you can launch your community quickly.


Manage and schedule content easily with front-end content management.

Integrate Employee Communities with your enterprise systems.

Connect with your Salesforce ecosystem for endless possibilities.

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