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Reach, recruit and retain qualified students with one easy to manage hub

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Transform the way you recruit, retain and engage
your prospective students with AdmissionsConnect

Build preference for your school, help students understand how they fit, and simplify the application process.

AdmissionsConnect immediately immerses prospective students in your culture. Encourage students to chat with recruiters, and guide them to richly populated, crowdsourced Q&A pages.

Higher Education Institutions see results like:

  • 25% increase in application retention
  • 30% increase in admission counselor productivity
  • 5% decrease in student deposit melt

Attract the right prospects

Find qualified prospects, or let them come to you on the channels they use most. Using an intuitive, social community, prospective students can more accurately qualify themselves by using your community to learn how they would fit in with life on your campus.

Track social interactions and navigation paths on your community, and cross reference these patterns with user profiles for powerful insights into messaging and demographic appeal. This data makes personalizing, targeting and amplifying your marketing efforts easier by exposing shortcuts or roadblocks in your recruiting process.

Students onboarded through the school community know what to expect in the fall and tend to stay with you till graduation.

Never lose a prospect

Many students never complete the admissions process due to long processing time. Sometimes they go with whoever accepts them first. With thousands of applicants, it’s easy to lose track of students in a multi-step admissions process. Cut turn-around time with a built in Progress Tracker and task management functions to turn the admissions process into a high-efficiency machine.

Improve admissions recruiter productivity by up to 30%

Admissions counselors can now spend less time answering simple questions and more time in valuable interactions with prospective students. Inbound and outbound call volume is decreased, relevant documents are kept in one place, email silos are eliminated, and real-time student data can be accessed immediately, from anywhere.

Give your recruiters more freedom to have interactions that make a difference.

Powerful Product Features

Application Progress Tracker

Built-in tracker intuitively shows the next steps in the admissions process, while tailored to-do lists and designated tasks keep prospects on track.

Recruitment Dashboards

Easy-to-use dashboards and reports show counselors where students are in the admissions process with real time recruitment data.

Groups, Forums & Private Conversations

Private areas to communicate with admissions counselors eliminate email silos and personalize the application process.

360° Student Profiles

Student data is in one place, removing the need for counselors to waste time jumping between systems.

Mobile Responsive

Integrates with Salesforce CRM for easy access to student information, and open APIs allow integration with existing systems.

Powerful Search

Entire application form is online and tied to back-end systems.

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    Dana Grennier, Director of Digital Marketing, MSOE University

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