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Marketing Website and Customer Community

Story & Challenge

Those familiar with business intelligence tools know it can take days or weeks to generate a business insight or perform profitability analysis. But with HANA, a product from SAP, it can be done in minutes allowing customers to reach levels of productivity that were once impossible to achieve. SAP has a game-changer on their hands, and the company needed a website to engage potential customers.

Strategy & Solution

SAP enlisted the help of 7Summits to create an easy to use website that fused marketing, robust customer communities, and hands-on product trials and interactive demos, all powered by Jive’s social business solutions. The website was also infused with social media to enable customers to share their impressions instantly and spread brand awareness. As a result, SAP HANA’s website transformed into a powerful experience for its users and an efficient communication channel for SAP HANA employees and their customers.

At a Glance

High Tech and Software

SAP used a 7Summits social community to extend their brand reach and amplify the marketing of their revolutionary product. Allowing customers to publicly share their impressions helped SAP penetrate and disrupt the market in the most efficient way possible; amplifying voice of the customer.