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Splash Community for Developers

Story & Challenge

When companies want to accelerate their wide-area network performance, Riverbed technology and solutions are an easy choice. When Riverbed wanted to upgrade their Jive community to drive innovation, the choice was just as simple. 7Summits teamed with Riverbed to create Splash, an external community aimed at fostering conversation around their product suite and coding language.

Strategy & Solution

To achieve optimal engagement we focused on a true understanding of their digital brand. This helped create a seamless experience from Riverbed’s current online presence into Jive’s social business tools. Inside Splash, customers are able to troubleshoot and discuss solutions with each other and Riverbed experts. To encourage software innovation, we also created a community within Splash exclusively for developers. Within this community, developers can collaborate with each other, share scripts, and ultimately improve the quality of Riverbed products and services.

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