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Customer Self-Service Community

Story & Challenge

Plex Systems is a developer of a cloud ERP solution for manufacturing. As Plex’s customer base grew, they found themselves increasingly challenged with scaling their support, and helping customers find the right answers was taking longer. Plex needed a way to deflect repetitive help requests about the same or similar issues and focus on the customers who needed more intensive support. The solution? Make it easier for customers to help themselves and each other with a self-service customer community.

Strategy & Solution

7Summits was selected to create a vibrant community that not only served the immediate need to empower customers, but also designed a way to transfer and preserve the conversations that had been previously managed via a legacy online discussion forum. The move to a robust online community environment further made it possible for customer service representatives to assemble a list of correct answers to commonly asked questions. In addition, customers used to be informed of software enhancements only if they had initiated a ticket with the Plex help system. Now, new enhancements, once approved, are shared with the entire community. The Plex community also become a way for participants in the company’s annual customer event, PowerPlex, to continue discussions and access presentations and white papers long after the event ended.

By making it possible to scale its customer support solutions via an online community experience, Plex is now able to keep more customers happy and sell more software.

At a Glance

High Tech and Software

Repetitive support tickets and unorganized response systems were slowing Plex Systems down. 7Summits helped them empower their customers with a self-service customer community, provided them with powerful CRM tools and took their customer support to a new level.