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Story & Challenge

Since 1924, Milwaukee Electric Tool has been helping professional tradesmen get the job done better, faster, and with less headache. From the legendary SAWZALL reciprocating saws to their cutting edge line of FUEL drills, the iconic Milwaukee red has powered it’s way into the most demanding job sites around. You’d never guess the toughest breed of tradesmen would care what their tool manufacturer had to say online. Neither did Milwaukee.

The previous Milwaukee Tool website experience was a complex online catalog that new customers found a bit overwhelming and dated.

Strategy & Solution

7Summits helped Milwaukee remodel this experience to allow pros to browse and discover products on their terms; application, product system, and trade sections to showcase all the best products for their job. And since products are the heart of the Milwaukee website, we super-charged those product pages with large photos and videos, and put everything you need in one place including recommended products and accessories, product comparison videos, customer stories, and reviews from other pros. Combined with a dozen different ways to filter and compare products, the website is now the latest power tool for the Milwaukee Tool brand.

7Summits recognized the story hidden beneath the sawdust and splinters. We started by socially activating their product pages. To say the least, the response was huge. From auto techs to masons to metalworkers, we discovered an enthusiastic audience of tradesmen eager to share their stories of how Milwaukee tools had performed beyond expectation. With a new understanding of this target market, 7Summits built a strong foundation for their next challenge; a complete site remodel.


  • Web Award
  • Communicator Award

At a Glance

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7Summits socially activated the product pages on Milwaukee Tool’s website to discover that there was a massive audience of fans ready to share stories, advice and applications for their favorite tools.