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Business transformation through collaboration

JM Family is one of the largest, most innovative and diversified companies in the automotive industry. Their principal businesses focus on vehicle distribution and processing, finance and insurance, retail vehicle sales, consulting and dealer technology services. With over 4,000 employees, JM Family sought to reimagine and replace their legacy intranet with a new social intranet built on the Jive platform.

JM Family was looking to address four primary business objectives via the implementation of a new Social Intranet:

  1. Introduce social collaboration to the organization
  2. Enhance communication effectiveness
  3. Better leverage leading practices to access information across geography and business units
  4. Reinforce/support JM Family’s rich corporate culture

Strategy & Solution

7Summits provided advisory, design and development services necessary to implement JM Family’s new social intranet, “The Hub.” More than just a rename, The Hub has a fresh and unique styling that highlights the JM Family culture. This new intranet also provides for two-way conversations between JM Family leadership and associates regardless of geography. One of the more notable features is the new mobile experience, which allows associates who lack access to a desktop to have the same opportunity to get the latest corporate communications, news and information; and to connect/collaborate with other associates.


68 percent of associates logged in to The Hub on the first day. Within three days, the rate rose to 78 percent and today we have almost 90 percent engagement. Additionally, 22 percent of all users participated on launch day by creating content. More than 150 professional and social interest groups have been created. Associates uploaded 344 pieces of content in the first few days. New content has grown 31 percent since launch. The News & Updates page, the one-stop-shop for all JM Family happenings, saw nearly 27,500 page visits on launch day. To date, more than 1.5 million page views have been recorded.

At a Glance

Financial Services Professional Services

JM Family brought their multitude of diverse business enterprises together under one community umbrella. By connecting all arms of their business and their associates regardless of geography, JM Family employees have never been more engaged with the company.