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Customer Support Community

Story & Challenge

Hitachi Data Systems, a tech company that’s part of Hitachi Ltd., is currently ranked #38 on the Fortune Global 500 list.  On a stage this grand, maintaining an effective ratio of thought leaders that can engage directly with HDS clients and customers becomes increasingly difficult. High value content does not always have an effective level of awareness creating extra burden on call centers, and to-date, a digital peer-to-peer channel that can support customers and partners is not strongly represented.  Already leveraging Jive internally, HDS looked to 7Summits to help them implement an external customer support community which could also be utilized to interact with partners and global accounts.

Strategy & Solution

HDS formed a bond between the external objective of adoption and activation and the internal objective of change management centered by support from executive committees.

The pieces of this framework focused on 6 components:

  • Cultural change, through the use of social events, company gatherings and the steering committee
  • Communication, through newsletters, beta/UAT testing groups and readouts
  • Training, through the use of webinars and online walkthroughs and wikis
  • Recognition, through the use of Bunchball’s gamification module
  • User experience, through the use of the Jive platform, theme, sitemap and taxonomy
  • Ongoing engagement, through the use of community response teams

HDS and 7Summits successfully launched the Hitachi Data Systems Community and continue to expand on it’s presence and purpose.

At a Glance

High Tech and Software community.hds.com

Hitachi aligned their in-demand thought leaders, high value content, customer support resources by building on to their internal social community and extending it to customers.