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Treating Addiction. Transforming Lives.

Story & Challenge

Few clients share a mission so close to our own as Hazelden. For over six decades, the healthcare company’s treatments centers have helped thousands of people across the world on their journey of recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviors. When given the opportunity, we changed the game to help transform the lives of those in need. Hazelden had three separate communities dedicated to serving people in recovery, their families, and Hazelden alumni, and they needed to migrate these to a more capable platform. Hazelden recognized the need for these audiences to connect in a unique way.

Strategy & Solution

Rather than simply create three new communities 7Summits helped them integrate these customer journeys into one consolidated experience, allowing members from different backgrounds to share their unique stories with each other. Now family & friends can share and show support to those in recovery and provide continuing encouragement to those facing life after addiction. In turn, Alumni can share their struggles and victories with those still on the road to recovery.

7Summits created a community that is tailored to the different audiences, to create an experience that is relevant and personalized from day one. By combining unique experiences with customized social business solutions, Hazelden is now touching more lives than ever before.

At a Glance

Healthcare Nonprofit

Hazelden knows that a supportive community is essential to people in addiction recovery. With the help of 7Summits they now provide three integrated communities for the different people touched by addiction. 7Summits is proud to say that the motivation and support through community cannot be more evident than it’s application through Hazelden.