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Employee Community

Story & Challenge

Groupon is a deal-based website that features discounted gift certificates usable at local or national companies. As a young, growing retail company, Groupon was looking for a dynamic platform to internally connect its globally diverse employee base.  Groupon needed a platform for all global employees to more effectively collaborate and share information, all while keeping the same type of fun, passionate culture that embodies Groupon’s employee community.  The objectives associated with this internal deployment included everything from improving employee engagement, creating an integrated global corporate directory, improving the effectiveness of internal corporate communications, creating a central location for content to be stored, and fostering collaboration for key business activities across the global organization.

Strategy and Solution

7Summits was brought on to help Groupon realize their business objectives, target audiences, and requirements, and to customize their employee community to align the project to their specific use cases.  As a cutting-edge company with a distinct culture, Groupon worked with 7Summits to ensure that this new social platform embodied this culture and incorporated all the values of Groupon within it.

Groupon and 7Summits successfully launched Skynet in the summer of 2012.  Skynet immediately served as the social intranet platform for not only Groupon’s United States offices, but also for the UK, India, Germany, Hong Kong, and several Latin American countries.  Skynet allowed Groupon’s employees to gain access to key documents and work templates, the employee directory and organization chart, and focused news items from the Communications team.  Skynet facilitated Groupon users to collaborate around discussions, documents, and groups, increasing engagement across the company.  As Groupon pushes their boundaries into more and more countries around the world, Skynet is able to grow with them and allow all their new employees collaborate just as seamlessly as they did in Groupon’s early days as simply a local Chicago business.

  • 7Summits offered a lot of great feedback and suggestions. Their team took the initiative to make sure we were deriving the right value from the tool. Rather than merely taking orders from us, they helped us to think about things differently and provided guidance, not only on customization but on the strategy behind our social business tool.

    Andrew Mishalove, Global Social Business Strategist, Groupon