Associations Portfolio American Chemical Society

Change the Chemistry of Communication

Story & Challenge

American Chemistry Society’s mission is to educate, promote, and advance the field of chemistry. The goal of their community was to bring together a robust association of international chemists and foster collaboration through conversations, discussions, blogs, and events. ACS reached out to 7Summits to help address the complexity that had come from their growth, and enhance the overall experience for members.

Strategy & Solution

7Summits helped ACS understand the right tactics and features to leverage, and then by utilizing Jive 5 software and “What Matters” functionality, we were able to optimize and evolve the experience for members. This updated community allows members to collaborate better, and have a more personalized and relevant experience to their unique needs.

At a Glance

Higher Education

American Chemistry Society freed their diverse body of international chemists to collaborate and innovate as members on a social community. ACS engaged more chemists and workers, strengthened their brand boosted international collaboration with a single community product from 7Summits.