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Customer Community Redesign

Story & Challenge

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is a leader in healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results. Their innovative solutions connect people, places and data across an Open, Connected Community of Health™. Connectivity empowers caregivers to make better decisions and deliver better care for healthier populations.

Allscripts Central allowed customers to access separate sites for the Client Support Portal, the Learning Center and Client Connect (an online community where customers are able to share knowledge, connect and collaborate with peers, and use tools that enrich outcomes and experiences with Allscripts solutions). The experiences were fragmented and were not tailored to a customer’s organizational role and/or products. The result? Lagging customer engagement.

The Solution

Allscripts engaged 7Summits to unify and streamline the Allscripts Central experience in an effort to help customers more easily find solutions and to tap into the knowledge base and collective wisdom of peers and subject matter experts, thereby driving Allscripts Central adoption and ultimately increasing call/case deflection from the Support Center.

Through a focused refresh and redesign effort, 7Summits’ Advisory Services, User Experience and Technical teams have provided a solution that has:

  • Dramatically enhanced and streamlined the user experience, providing a single system of use
  • Helped to deflect case requests via an optimized, federated search, serving relevant information to customers
  • Helped customers to self-serve and engage via frictionless interaction with other users
  • Driven engagement and adoption via the right mix of mobile access, personalization and awareness

Allscripts Central Places is the new single point of entry for clients to gain access to critical support applications. Where users previously had to visit separate sites with disparate experiences, Allscripts Central Places allows users to log in to Allscript’s portal, Client Connect Community and other 3rd party support platforms via a single experience, resulting in faster access to information and more control over their accounts. The user experience has been tailored via custom back-end integrations – menu options and homepage content have now been personalized, based on the products the user has purchased and/or self-selected. These efforts have enhanced the Product Support experience while simultaneously reducing support costs.

At a Glance

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