About 7Summits

Leaders in Community-Led, Salesforce Multi-Cloud Solutions

We help you engage your customers, employees and partners to help build your business. We do that by creating experience-rich Salesforce multi-Cloud solutions that lead with community and span Sales, Marketing, Commerce and Service.

Experience Experts as Your Guide

At 7Summits our consultants embrace digital journeys, design thinking and disruptive technologies to deliver Salesforce solutions that drive business transformation and measurable value for your organization. We help our clients navigate and adapt to an evolving digital landscape through our depth of experience implementing hundreds of digital solutions since 2009.

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7Summits won Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for Community Cloud

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Our Core Values, the bedrock of our company.

Our core values are the underlying connection between how we think and drive success internally, as well as for our clients and partners.

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We love what we do! That’s why you’ll find us relentlessly exploring, innovating and building the best solutions for our customers. We are passionate about unleashing people’s potential to create, compete and innovate in entirely new ways. Think about it. The work we are doing is creating new ways to engage your audience and get them involved with your process, brand, product or company. Unleashing potential. Finding new paths. That creates a kind of restlessness as we focus on guiding our clients to apply our craft to where it makes the most sense for their businesses.
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Working Socially

Two worlds have collided; personal and professional. “Social” has overflowed into the workplace. We embrace that! Why? Because it’s a powerful way to connect people inside our company along with our customers and our partners to achieve the best results!
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Customer Value First

7Summits is focused on driving business value for our customers. That means our solutions need to go well beyond platform implementations. We provide plans that link processes together across customers, partners, and employees. By focusing there first, we provide a more complete understanding of cross functional interactions and provide companies with the deep insights necessary to unlock tremendous business value in their markets. That’s the reputation that we are building in this market.
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Solve for X!

No two business problems are the same. By acknowledging this every time, we can keep an open mind and build the best solution for each and every customer. We can take that unique circumstance and adeptly “Solve for X!” using what is readily available, but taking care to be specific to that customers situation, goals and business environment.
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This is about accepting personal accountability to meet business goals, improve processes and systems, and help each other to improve individual effectiveness. The notion of “owning it” means that this is our company together and we all need to contribute beyond a primary job functions, helping others to meet their goals as well.
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Embrace The New

Working in cutting edge technology markets, forces us to stay on top of trends, learn new skills, and think differently with each evolution. We embrace it because we are curious, we are open-minded, and we know that maintaining full control is not the ultimate goal. We know that if we’re too afraid to take on some uncertainty, we cannot hope to drive significant outcomes for us and our customers. So we embrace change. We embrace risk. We embrace making some mistakes along the way. We embrace these, because we recognize that we are on the forefront of a world stage, shaping outcomes that set the platform for what’s next.

Our mission – the journey that we will be on forever:

“To create online community experiences that transform businesses and enhance people’s lives.” That means audience experience must lead transformation. That means data-driven experiences serving up information at the time it is needed. That means an integrated approach where insights are derived from an aggregated view of your business combined with the tacit social interactions across your teams. And it means giving back to the communities we live in, enhancing people’s lives.

What you do isn’t as important as why you do it. That’s purpose.

Being purpose driven creates a different intensity . . . a different focus . . . a different outcome. So what’s our purpose here at 7Summits? “Why” are we creating these transformative, online experiences? Because we deeply believe in unleashing people’s potential to create, compete, and innovate in entirely new ways. People are the cornerstone of our purpose at 7Summits. Let’s unleash them together!